2013 Royal Rumble Order of Entry & Eliminations

Posted by Matt Boone January 28, 2013 10 Comments

Below are full results from the 2013 30-man Royal Rumble match:

Order of Entrants:
1) Dolph Ziggler
2) Chris Jericho
3) Cody Rhodes
4) Kofi Kingston
5) Santino Marella
6) Drew McIntyre
7) Titus O’Neil
8) Goldust
9) David Otunga
10) Heath Slater
11) Sheamus
12) Tensai
13) Brodus Clay
14) Rey Mysterio
15) Darren Young
16) Bo Dallas
17) The Godfather
18) Wade Barrett
19) John Cena
20) Damien Sandow
21) Daniel Bryan
22) Antonio Cesaro
23) The Great Khali
24) Kane
25) Zack Ryder
26) Randy Orton
27) Jinder Mahal
28) The Miz
29) Sin Cara
30) Ryback

Order of Eliminations:
1) Santino Marella (by Cody Rhodes)
2) Drew McIntytre (by Chris Jericho)
3) Titus O’Niel (by Sheamus)
4) David Otunga (by Sheamus)
5) Goldust (by Cody Rhodes)
6) Brodus Clay (by multiple people)
7) Tensai (Kofi was involved)
8) Darren Young (by Kofi Kingston)
9) Kofi Kingston (by Cody Rhodes)
10) The Godfather (by Dolph Ziggler)
11) Heath Slater (by John Cena)
12) Cody Rhodes (by John Cena)
13) Rey Mysterio (by Wade Barrett)
14) The Great Khali (by Kane)
15) Kane (by Daniel Bryan)
16) Daniel Bryan (he landed on Kane on the outside, Kane dropped him)
17) Zack Ryder (by Randy Orton)
18) Antonio Cesaro (by John Cena)
19) Jinder Mahal (by SHeamus)
20) Wade Barrett (by Bo Dallas)
21) Bo Dallas (by Wade Barrett, who was already eliminated)
22) Damien Sandow (by Ryback)
23) Sin Cara (by Ryback)
24) The Miz (by Ryback)
25) Chris Jericho (by Dolph Ziggler)
26) Randy Orton (by Ryback)
27) Dolph Ziggler (by Sheamus)
28) Sheamus (by Ryback)
29) Ryback (by John Cena)
Winner – John Cena

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    • Daniel

      Sad that this website confirmed Shelton Benjamin and Carlito were going to be in the rumble and of course they werent. The surprise entrants were alright but the Godfather not even doing anything was disappointing. When Sin Cara came out as 29, his reaction couldn’t have been any boring. I’m not blaming the fans because to have Sin Cara whose been gone for weeks, months even, as 29??? Bad part on the WWE and bad part on not even having the Royal Rumble as the Main Event.

      • iNexus

        Rumors like these hurt the show. Fans come in with expectations and blame WWE when their expectation is not met. Good thing the surprises this year are better than the rumored surprises.

    • CalzaRulz

      John Cena, Wow! How predictable. Just like i predicted he would like in every other pay per view!

    • http://twitter.com/SSWoods1 Shane Woods

      The Rock winning the strap and cena winning the rumble is one massive slap in the face to the rest of the talent that work their arses off day in day out. What a load of shit!

      • taylor

        agreed. I haven’t watched wwe in over a year because they’re doing stupid shit like that. CM Punk was the only good thing going for the company

    • Rooter

      Again with the whining! Just wait and friggin see how things play out!!

    • #TrueWrestling

      Honestly I would have preferred Hornswoggle to win the Rumble than John Cena

    • joemama

      Ever look a satellite image of earth…. All you see is land and water….. Countries and States do not exist…. Those lines they call borders are not real, they are imaginary. States and Countries are imaginary concepts. The only reason people pretend they are real is because men with guns are forcing you to believe they are real….

    • http://twitter.com/sdsonu saideep

      waste of giving a push to the stardom for rayback he looks so ugly and he cant entertain tht mush as far heyman.. hez better as a midcard…

      • http://www.facebook.com/spencer.elliott.3762 Spencer Elliott

        You said it, brotha!

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