2013 Royal Rumble Poster with The Rock, R-Truth Talks Music vs. Wrestling, More

Posted by Matt Boone November 25, 2012 6 Comments

- Here is a 2013 Royal Rumble poster featuring The Rock.

Unconfirmed Royal Rumble 2013 Poster with The Rock

– Sheamus will be appearing at the Houston Autorama tomorrow afternoon from 1 to 3 p.m. at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, TX.

– R-Truth was asked if he expresses himself more when he’s in the ring or when he’s recording a track in his studio during an interview with SoulTrain.com.

“I’ve been wrestling and making music for a long time. I’ve been around the right people in the entertainment business who know what it takes in several different areas to make things happen. I’m passionate about both of them, so I try to be an artist when I’m doing both. In many ways professional wrestling is a dance. I guess it depends on how you look at it. When I’m in the ring I’ve got a million people watching me weekly, looking for me to present something memorable to them. I try to do that in the studio as well.”

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      ….. And that passion and raw talent is why R-Truth is a multi-time world champion, platinum selling artist and Grammy award winner….

      oh wait……..

      • DA TRUTH

        yeah cause your doing so much better then him huh ???f a g

        • REAL-ALITY

          you mean “you’re” and “than” you illiterate twat!

      • theseizurecomic

        Can’t speak for truth’s music career – I don’t even think Truth can speak for Truth’s music career – but he has had a very successful career as a pro wrestler. No, he may not have had multiple world championship runs and the like, but he IS a former TNA world champion, and if we’re going to give props to Roode, Storm, Joe and Aries for accomplishing that, then we need to respect that in Truth, too.
        He is also a multi-time tag champ, former Intercontinental champ and US champ, was once a member of DX (as K-Kwick) and has main evented at least two Pay-Per-Views.
        So give credit where credit is due.

    • Ice

      It would of been better if no one would of known The Rock would be fighting in the Royal Rumble PPV, and just have Punk Vs. Cena for the title and have Rock have be a surprise entrance in the Rumble match and beat whomever is champion at WM29.

    • we’ve cena nuff

      Can’t wait for the rumble to get here the storylines the last few months have just felt like time fillers! Hopefully gets a bit more entertaining in the new year

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