3 Winners & Losers From WWE RAW (10/30)

WWE RAW aired live from the Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore, MD on October 30th. Last week’s episode of RAW ended with SmackDown attacking the RAW roster. Here are 3 winners and losers from this week’s episode of RAW:

Kurt Angle (Loser)

This week’s episode of RAW kicked off with RAW GM Kurt Angle apologizing to the entire RAW roster as they stood on the entrance ramp. Angle was quickly interrupted by Stephanie McMahon who marched down to the ring. Stephanie admitted that Angle was doing a good job and that he had earned her respect.

Stephanie then added that she lost her respect for Angle when he allowed her brother, Shane McMahon, to invade RAW with the SmackDown roster. Stephanie then made Angle the captain of the men’s team at Survivor Series and stated that she expected RAW to dominate at the event. Stephanie got in Angle’s face and warned him that if RAW doesn’t emerge victorious at Survivor Series, she may need to replace Kurt Angle as the RAW GM.

Nia Jax & Samoa Joe (Winners)

Nia Jax made her return tonight on RAW. Bayley was supposed to face Alicia Fox but Alicia backed out of the match and said that she could do so because she was captain of the RAW women’s team at Survivor Series. Nia Jax took her place and quickly dismantled Bayley for an easy victory.

Alicia Fox then announced that Nia will be a part of the RAW women’s team at Survivor Series in a few weeks. Nia has been gone for a bit but made her return in dominant fashion. I would like to see Nia’s dominance continue through the build for Survivor Series and wouldn’t mind seeing Nia pick up the victory for Team RAW at the PPV.

Samoa Joe also made his return tonight and destroyed Apollo Crews. After submitting Crews via the Coquina Clutch, Joe focused his attack on Titus O’Neil. Joe locked in the Coquina Clutch on O’Neil and then left them both laying in the ring. Joe also cut a promo on the WWE Universe and said that he hated everyone before the match. Joe is a game-changer on RAW and it will be interesting to see what his role is at Survivor Series next month.

Elias (Loser)

Elias had himself a rough night on this week’s episode of RAW. He performed a song that insulted the Baltimore crowd and their injured Ravens QB Joe Flacco. Elias was then interrupted by Jason Jordan who beat him down for a bit. Elias escaped out of the ring and retreated up the entrance ramp.

Unfortunately for Elias, he left his guitar in the ring with Jordan. Jason took the oppurtunity to stomp on Elias’ guitar in the ring and then celebrated as Elias was devastated on the entrance ramp. Not only did Elias lose his guitar tonight, he is also stuck in a meaningless feud with Jason Jordan that will ultimately lead to nothing.

Alexa Bliss (Winner)

Alexa Bliss defended her RAW Women’s Championship tonight against Mickie James in the main event of RAW. Last week on RAW, Mickie James planted Alexa with a DDT and seemed to have Alexa’s number. That all changed tonight when Alexa picked up a rather easy victory over Mickie James.

All it took for Alexa to defeat Mickie was a punch in the face. Alexa didn’t have to hit the Twisted Bliss or get herself disqualified. All she needed to do was connect with a punch a few minutes into the match and Mickie was done. This feud has been entertaining, but there clearly is no reason for it to continue after Alexa won so easily tonight. Mickie James has had a tremendous career, so it was a bit disappointing to see WWE book her to lose a title match in such unimpressive fashion. Bliss will most likely focus her attention on her match against Natalya at Survivor Series.

Daniel Bryan (Loser)

SmackDown GM Daniel Bryan has made it known on the past few episodes of SmackDown that he doesn’t agree with Shane McMahon’s actions last week on RAW. Daniel Bryan tried to talk to Kurt Angle tonight but Angle wasn’t having it at all. He had already been warned by Stephanie McMahon that his job may be on the line at Survivor Series, so he had no interest in finding some common ground with Bryan.

Angle said that he wants Daniel Bryan to stay in his office because the RAW roster would attack him if they knew Bryan was in the building. Bryan was then locked in the office and the lights went out. Kane then appeared and Chokeslammed Bryan in the darkness. Later during the show, Daniel Bryan was stretchered out of the arena. It will be interesting to see if Shane McMahon has something to say about SmackDown’s GM getting his ass kicked on RAW tomorrow night.

Braun Strowman (Winner)

Braun Strowman made his return tonight after being stuffed in a garbage truck by Kane, The Miz, Sheamus and Cesaro at WWE TLC eight days ago. Strowman arrived while still in the garbage truck during the conclusion of tonight’s RAW. The Miz had spent the entire episode fearing that Strowman was in the building after discovering a large garbage bag in his locker room.

The Miz wanted help from Kane, Sheamus and Cesaro but they told him that he was on his own. The Miz even tried to leave the arena but RAW GM Kurt Angle stopped him. The Miz was shown in his limo with Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas at the end of RAW. Strowman arrived in the garbage truck and chased them down to the ring. The Miz wound up escaping after sustaining minimal damage at the hands of Strowman. Curtis Axel fell victim for five Running Powerslams, with the last one being through the announce table. Strowman is back on RAW and will me looking to get revenge on the rest of the Superstars that betrayed him at WWE TLC 2017.

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