3 Winners & Losers From WWE RAW (11/20)

The November 20th episode of RAW took place in Houston, Texas. It was the first episode of RAW following WWE Survivor Series last night. Here are 3 winners and losers from this week’s episode of RAW:

4Dana Brooke (Loser)

Dana Brooke failed to qualify for the RAW women’s team last week because she became preoccupied with Asuka ringside. Dana slapped Asuka in the face, which led to Asuka booting Dana in the face and taking her out of the match. Asuka then was the reason that the RAW women’s team defeated SmackDown at Survivor Series.

Tonight on RAW, Dana Brooke faced Asuka in a match. Before the match, Dana Brooke had a vignette in which she claimed she found holes in Asuka’s game while studying her matches. Dana claimed that she would be the first to defeat Asuka but that wasn’t the case at all tonight on RAW. Asuka defeated Dana Brooke with ease and continued to show just how dominant she is.