3 Winners & Losers From WWE RAW (11/6)

The November 6th episode of WWE RAW was taped in Manchester, England. Here are 3 winners and losers from this week’s episode of RAW:

Sasha Banks (Winner)

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Sasha Banks teamed up with Bayley tonight to face Nia Jax and the captain of the women’s team at Survivor Series, Alicia Fox. The match went back and forth for several minutes. Nia and Alicia trapped Bayley in the ring and beat her down for several minutes. Finally. Bayley was able to escape to the corner and tag in “The Boss” Sasha Banks.

Banks took control and attacked Alicia Fox. She then teamed up with Bayley to knock Nia Jax out of the ring. Sasha then locked in the Bank Statement on Alicia Fox for the submission victory. After the match, Alicia Fox stated that she wanted Sasha Banks on the RAW women’s team for Survivor Series. Sasha Banks agreed to join and celebrated in the ring.

Bayley (Loser)

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Bayley took the brunt of the beating tonight during the tag match against Nia Jax and Alicia Fox. Not only did Sasha Banks pick up the victory for the team, she got all of the glory while Bayley was dumbfounded in the ring. Sasha was invited to join the RAW women’s team at Survivor Series after forcing Alicia Fox to tap out to the Bank Statement.

Asuka joined the team tonight as well, which means that there is only one spot left. Bayley can’t seem to catch a break, as after she was defeated by Nia Jax last week, Nia was invited onto the team. It seems like Bayley will have to prove herself next week to earn the final spot on the team.

Kane (Winner)

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Braun Strowman faced off against The Miz tonight on RAW. Kurt Angle announced the match earlier in the night and said Strowman only agreed to join the RAW men’s team for Survivor Series if he got a match with The Miz. Strowman absolutely destroyed The Miz during the match and whipped him around like he was nothing.

Kane came down to the ring to confront Strowman. The two gigantic Superstars had a stare down in the middle of the ring. Kane grabbed Braun’s throat and went for the Chokeslam but Braun blocked it. Strowman then planted Kane with a Running Powerslam but Kane sat up. Strowman then Clotheslined Kane out of the ring but Kane landed on his feet. These two are clearly heading towards a match in the near future and it seems like Kane is more than ready for the challenge. Strowman hit him with his best shot tonight and he couldn’t keep Kane down.

Elias (Loser)

Elias once again battled Jason Jordan tonight on RAW and once again he lost. There hasn’t been one entertaining match between Jason Jordan and Elias during this feud. They are both great in-ring performers, but the crowd just could care less about this feud. It has gone on too long and hopefully tonight marked the end of it.

Jordan defeated Elias in a Guitar on a Pole match. Elias was the Superstar who retrieved the guitar off the pole, but was quickly overpowered by Jordan. Jason launched Elias across the ring several times and then smashed him over the back with the guitar to win the match. I have no idea where Elias goes from here, but this feud has not done him any favors.

Jason Jordan (Winner)

It was a hell of a night for Jason Jordan on RAW. Not only did he defeat Elias, he was then named the fifth and final member of the RAW men’s team at Survivor Series. His storyline father, Kurt Angle, spoke to Jason Jordan backstage and told him how impressed he was by him. Angle said that Jordan has looked good even in his losses to John Cena and Roman Reigns.

Angle then said that he knows some people will see this as playing favorites, but there is nobody on the RAW roster he trusts more than his son. Angle then added Jordan to the men’s team at Survivor Series and Jordan became overjoyed. Jordan and Angle then shared a hug. It is looking like Jordan may play a major role in the main event of Survivor Series.

Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose (Losers)

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Cesaro and Sheamus talked their way into a shot at the RAW Tag Team Championships tonight. It wound up being the main event of RAW and Rollins & Ambrose had the match in control. SmackDown’s The New Day (Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods and Big E) then appeared in the crowd with microphones.

New Day said that RAW was under siege once again and Kurt Angle was shown backstage gathering up the RAW roster. Eventually, the entire RAW roster surrounded the ring while the match was still going on. Angle instructed the RAW roster to chase after New Day in the crowd, who then laughed and retreated.

Back in the ring, Sheamus hit the Brogue Kick onto Seth Rollins and went for the cover. Cesaro prevented Ambrose from getting back into the ring to break up the pinfall. Sheamus and Cesaro capitalized on the distraction from the New Day and became the new RAW Tag Team Champions. It will now be The Bar (Sheamus & Cesaro) versus The Usos at Survivor Series. I would assume that The Shield will now challenge New Day at the PPV in a couple of weeks.

Consider today a NEW DAY in @WWESheamus and @WWECesaro‘s #RAW #TagTeamTitles reign! @WWERollins @TheDeanAmbrose #SurvivorSeries #AndNew pic.twitter.com/MWMWLezGF7

— WWE (@WWE) November 7, 2017

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