3 Winners & Losers From WWE SmackDown (11/21)

The November 21st episode of WWE SmackDown took place in Houston, TX. It was the first episode of SmackDown following WWE Survivor Series. Here are 3 winners and losers from this week’s episode of SmackDown:

4The Bludgeon Brothers (Winners)

The Bludgeon Brothers made their SmackDown debuts tonight against the Hype Bros. Luke Harper took out Zack Ryder right when the match started and slammed him against the steel steps. Harper and Rowan then dismantled Mojo Rawley and planted him with a Crucifix Bomb for the pinfall victory.

I thought the vignettes aired for the Bludgeon Brothers were laughable and I honestly was not looking forward to their SmackDown debut at all. I was completely wrong about this team and I actually enjoyed their gimmick. Their theme music is absolutely perfect. I am openly rooting for Luke Harper because I think he is one of the most underrated Superstars on the WWE roster. I hope this team works out for both Harper and Rowan. Both RAW and SmackDown could use some more entertaining tag teams.