Press Release For Thursday’s “Turning Point” Edition of Impact Wrestling

Posted by Brad Davis November 18, 2013 5 Comments

TNA sent out the following press release today:



NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Nov 18, 2013) – An action-packed two hours of Pay-Per-View wrestling is coming your way this Thursday, Nov. 21 as IMPACT WRESTLING presents “Turning Point” live and free on Spike TV at 9 p.m. ET. Broadcasting live from Universal Studios in Orlando, Fla., a hub of IMPACT WRESTLING LIVE! and #IMPACT365, Dixie Carter continues her furor with “The Phenomenal One” AJ Styles as she seeks to crown a new World Heavyweight Champion.

“Turning Point” will feature two incredible TNA World Title Tournament matches, with stipulations determined through a spin of the “Wheel of Dixie.” The scheduled matches include a “Falls Count Anywhere” match between Magnus and Samoa Joe, and a “Bull Rope” match between former tag partners “The Cowboy” James Storm and “The IT Factor” Bobby Roode. In addition, a grudge match between former Aces and Eights member, Mr. Anderson, and Aces and Eights President, Bully Ray, is on the card.

“At ‘Turning Point’ on Thursday night, I will treat Samoa Joe like any other opponent, because he stands between me and the world title,” said TNA Superstar Magnus. “Now that the Main Event Mafia has disbanded there are no alliances. It’s every man for himself, and I’m confident I will be the last man standing in the ring.”

Fighting to get past the first round of the tournament, Magnus and Samoa Joe put their Main Event Mafia allegiances aside as they battle one another in a “Falls Count Anywhere” match where pinfall is permitted outside the ring and any object in reach can be used to the wrestler’s advantage.

In the second TNA Word Title Tournament match of the night James Storm and Bobby Roode will battle it out in a “Bull Rope” match. Confined to opposite sides of a rope, the restraint and anything tied to it can be used as a legal weapon.

As the World Heavyweight Title hangs in the balance, so does the future of Aces and Eights. At “Turning Point” former Aces and Eights member Mr. Anderson will square off against President of the Club, Bully Ray in a grudge match to determine the future of the brotherhood. The Main Event of the night will prove the bitterness and dislike Mr. Anderson and Bully Ray have for one other, as the two clash in a high-stakes battle with the future on the line for both. Should Mr. Anderson win, Bully Ray will be dethroned and the Aces and Eights will fall. If Bully is victorious, Mr. Anderson is to never show up in the wrestling ring again.

For more information about IMPACT WRESTLING and the Thursday night “Turning Point” event, visit and search #IMPACT365 for behind the scene footage 24/7.

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    • Evelyn L. Ford

      Look, I do feel sorry for TNA IMPACT, what with the current situation; however, their developmental territory of OVW’ s wrestlers/ talent are all angry at me for my venting; I’m not even allowed to post at OVWMANIA anymore; I just want to apologize to all; but, I don’t know if they’ll ever forgive me; all rants aside, I am just worried about TNA and its future- WWE and WWE NXT’ s audiences are going to be 10x as big as all other promotions combined- I know- I’ve seen both; is there no one able to take down WWE empire? Note that WWE Network is coming soon; are we all soon gonna be kissing Vince McMahon’s ass? The trouble with TNA is that McMahon’s are a wrestling family where members have been wrestlers; Carters, unless you look at Ethan Carter III, are originally not.

      • tony

        EC3 is a gimmick, not real Carter -.-

        • Evelyn L. Ford

          Yeah, I know- I was only pointing out that Stephanie McMahon wrestles and none of the Carters do; which is why Carters should leave the post as head of TNA because as long as they are running it and not the wrestlers who could be the head of it (Jarrett), then WWE could always beat them; WWE might put the final nail in TNA’s coffin with their WWE Network- they said 2014 is the launch; TNA got 24/7 initiative online; WWE Network will both be online and on T.V. A wrestler, like Jesse Ventura, should be head of TNA; or put it back in Jarrett’s hands.

          • Evelyn L. Ford

            Also, I know of a bunch of Indy Wrestling Promotions where actual wrestlers/ retired wrestlers/active wrestlers are the ones running the business operations of them; which means that TNA is getting knocked by both WWE AND the Indies!!!!!!!!

    • yoyo

      That “Wheel of Dixie” will draw ratings.

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