4/26/2012 TNA Impact Wrestling Spoilers

– Thanks to Eric for the following TNA Impact Wrestling spoilers from Wednesday’s tapings. These will air on April 26th:

* Jeremy Borash calls out Eric Bischoff for his tweets against him. Borash wants a match and because of the new open challenge rules, he’s going to get it. Bully Ray attacks Borash and allows Bischoff to get the pin.

* Devin defeated Bully Ray with the TV Title on the line.

* Anarquia comes out with Mexican America to challenge any American. Kurt Angle accepts and wins the match.

* Agent Al Snow comes out with OVW wrestler Alex Silva. Silva will be competing in a Gutcheck Challenge and Snow will be judging.

* Robbie E defeated Alex Silva.

* Brooke Tessmacher comes out and challenges Gail Kim to a match. She wins the non-title match with a roll up.

* Daniels and Kazarian vs. Jeff Hardy and Mr. Anderson vs. Magnus and Samoa Joe is next. Hogan comes out and takes Kaz and Daniels out of the match.

* Magnus and Samoa Joe defeated Jeff Hardy and Mr. Anderson with the tag titles on the line. Hardy and Anderson argued after the match while Kaz and Daniels ran out to attack the champs.

* Ric Flair, Eric Bischoff and their crew come out to end the show and hold Bischoff’s farewell party. They are interrupted by Austin Aries, Jeremy Borash, Garett Bischoff and others. They’ve brought a port-a-potty with them and brawl with the heel wrestlers. They get the upperhand and put Borash in the port-a-potty and push it over. Impact ends with Bischoff covered in crap from the port-a-potty.