5 Worst WWE Hell In A Cell Matches Ever

When a Hell in a Cell match comes around, the WWE Universe typically gets excited. However, there have been some astonishingly terrible Hell in a Cell matches in WWE’s history. Hopefully we don’t have to add another one to this list after WWE Hell in a Cell 2017 next Sunday. Here are the 5 worst Hell in a Cell matches in WWE history.

Mark Henry vs Randy Orton (Hell in a Cell 2011)

Photo Credit: WWE.com

Mark Henry defended his World Heavyweight Championship against Randy Orton and it was even worse than it sounds. Mark Henry and Randy Orton had one of the most forgettable Hell in a Cell matches ever at WWE’s Hell in a Cell 2011 PPV. It wound up being a basic singles match that barely incorporated the steel structure at all. After the match, Orton grabbed a chair and chased the victorious Mark Henry backstage. I would have preferred Orton had attacked Henry before the match, that way we wouldn’t have had to sit through it.

Ryback vs CM Punk (Hell in a Cell 2012)

Photo Credit: WWE.com

CM Punk defended his WWE Championship against Ryback at WWE Hell in a Cell 2012. Brad Maddox was the special referee and wound up screwing Ryback over in the match. Maddox hit Ryback with a low-blow and Punk rolled him up for the victory. After the match, Ryback hit Shellshocked on CM Punk atop of the cell. It was a forgettable feud and even more forgettable match. Ryback and Punk went on to have another match at Hell in a Cell 2013. That match was also forgettable but didn’t make the list because Paul Heyman got his ass kicked by Punk after the match and it was highly entertaining.

Mankind vs Kane (RAW August 24, 1998)

Photo Credit: WWE.com

Mankind and Kane were Tag Team Champions when this match took place and defended the titles 6 days later at SummerSlam. They had their differences and needed to settle them surrounded by steel. The match only lasted a few minutes before both Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Undertaker got involved. Austin came out from under the ring and attacked Kane. Stone Cold and The Undertaker were facing each other at SummerSlam for the WWF Championship. It sure was an exciting end to an episode of RAW, but it by no means was it a good Hell in a Cell match.

John Cena vs Randy Orton (Hell in a Cell 2009)

Photo Credit: WWE.com

This match suffered from fans growing sick of watching Cena and Orton wrestle. Much like many WWE feuds nowadays, their feud went on far too long and the two Superstars were constantly battling each other. The match was boring for a Hell in a Cell match, but if it were just a standard singles match it would have been passable. Since the PPV is named Hell in a Cell, WWE decided to book Orton and Cena in the structure. It would have been nice if Cena and Orton actually made the cell a focal point in the match. Cena and Orton wound up having a much better match at WWE Hell in a Cell 2014.

The Undertaker vs Big Boss Man (WrestleMania XV)

Photo Credit: WWE.com

Both The Undertaker and Big Boss Man were great workers in the ring. Unfortunately, their match WrestleMania XV was doomed to fail before it even began. At the time, both Big Boss Man and The Undertaker were heels. The match itself was unbearably slow and the only thing people remember from it is that Big Boss Man was suspended from the Cell by a noose. It was a crazy ending, but it couldn’t save the match from becoming the worst Hell in a Cell match in WWE history. The best part about this match was that it only lasted 10 minutes.

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