WWE SmackDown Spoilers (8/24)

Posted by Matt Boone August 22, 2012 9 Comments

- Thanks to Eric Shane for the following WWE SmackDown spoilers from tonight’s tapings in Bakersfield, California:

* Lilian Garcia kicks things off and gets a nice reaction from the crowd.

* Teddy Long is the announcer with Michael Cole since Josh Mathews is out this week.

* Randy Orton opens SmackDown and talks about what happened on RAW. Orton wants a shot at the World Heavyweight Title and issues a challenge if anyone has a problem with that. Sheamus comes out to a big pop. Sheamus agrees that Orton should get a title shot. This brings Alberto Del Rio out, who also wants a title shot. Booker T appears and books Orton vs. Del Rio with the winner facing Sheamus.

* Ryback vs. Jinder Mahal is up next. Ryback cuts a promo on Mahal before the match. Ryback gets the win.

* Layla beat Alicia Fox with Kaitlyn on commentary. Good back and forth match for the Divas. Kaitlyn and Layla came face to face in the middle of the ring after the match but shook hands. Eve Torres ran down and raised both of their hands for some reason.

* Backstage segment with Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero arguing with Sheamus, who dares Ziggler to cash in tonight.

* Sheamus beat Dolph Ziggler by DQ after getting hit with the briefcase. Ziggler continues the attack and goes to cash in his title shot but Sheamus gets back up and Dolph leaves.

* Santino Marella comes out and talks about his reign as United States Champion but is interrupted by new champion Antonio Cesaro and Aksana. Santino attacks Cesaro but Aksana distracts the Cobra. Cesaro ends it by laying Santino out.

* Backstage segment with Del Rio yelling at Ricardo.

* Kofi Kingston and R-Truth defeat Epico and Primo.

* Matt Striker is backstage with Kofi and Truth. Titus O’Neil and Darren Young show up as do The Usos and Primo and Epico to start a big brawl.

* Booker and Teddy are backstage talking about the tag title scene when Eve comes in. She has done research on the next contenders and has everything organized. Booker is impressed.

* A Wade Barrett video airs.

* Alberto Del Rio defeats Randy Orton with Sheamus on commentary, There’s a big brawl after the match with Ziggler joining in.

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    • shazzam

      hmmmmmm barrett vs the great white vs randy vs ziggler vs del rio
      sounds pretty cool….
      on crappy note… creative team could do their ever famous scramble match
      who remembers that

    • Ice

      Alberto wins again??? why am i not surprised! The only thing interesting and entertaining that i see is the backstage brawl with the tag-team division.

    • King James

      Someone seriously needs to take Alberto Del Rio and all his garbage about his “destiny” OUT of the title picture!

    • Canuck 703

      If you don’t it spoiled don’t read this.

    • cheap seats

      It drives me crazy this crap gets better ratings than tna impact. Del rio needs to go away.

    • Bird 2.0

      This so called “rivalry” reminds me of Christian/Orton from last year, you guys know the one

    • fake dawgs shadow

      If you don’t like the spoilers than don’t come to the site. COMMON SENSE.

      • Booo Sheamus Sucks

        Sarcasm dude, He’s just saying that sheamus always wins and that it sucks.

    • jame

      Loving del rio

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