9/28/2012 WWE SmackDown Spoilers

Posted by Matt Boone September 26, 2012 12 Comments

- Thanks to Aimee for the following WWE SmackDown spoilers from tonight’s tapings in Buffalo, New York:

Dark Match:

* Johnny Curtis beat Michael McGillicutty with a top rope leg drop.

SmackDown, Airing Friday:

* Big Show opens SmackDown and he’s not happy. He wants the World Heavyweight Title. Randy Orton comes out and hypes their match tonight. Ricardo Rodriguez and Alberto Del Rio are out next. Del Rio says he’s the one who should get the next title shot. Orton ended up hitting a RKO on Del Rio and facing off with Show.

* Antonio Cesaro defeated Santino Marella with the United States Title on the line.

* Beth Phoenix beat Natalya.

* Eve Torres comes out and announces that Beth Phoenix is suspended while the Kaitlyn attack from Night of Champions is investigated. Booker T comes out and reverses the suspension. Eve blames everything on Teddy Long and storms off.

* Wade Barrett beat Zack Ryder.

* The Miz comes out for another MizTV segment. His guest is Sheamus but they’re interrupted by Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero. They end up fighting and Sheamus cleans house.

* Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow defeated The Usos.

* Ryback squashed Tensai.

* Randy Orton vs. Big Show is up next. Alberto Del Rio attacks Orton as he’s making his entrance.

* Big Show defeated Randy Orton in the main event. Show vs. Sheamus is announced for Hell In a Cell.

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    • Papa Georgio

      Now Tensai is jobbing for Ryback? Give me a fucking break. Another Boreburg is all we need and at this rate, Ryback will be a champion in no time as he skips ahead of the line over more deserving talent.

      • PimpDaddy2099

        Ryback + Vince McMahon’s Undying Support = The NEW John Cena

      • Knock

        Stop hating on Ryback! All you do is complain!!! Hell Ryback can perform 10x times better than Tensai,

        • http://www.facebook.com/jane.mcilysh Jane McIlysh

          Ryback is nothing but a big, stupid Neandrathal kiss-ass, that is why the guy is undefeatable, because his lips are firmly planted on McMahon’s ass. Ryback can perform 10x’s better than Tensai? HA! Given the beginning of HIS 6 year push, he can eprform 100000x’s better than ANYONE, but you know what? Let Mr “Feed Me Doors” go up against the Weapon of Mass Destruction, THEN we’ll see if he’s still so damn impressive after Big Show knocks his fat ass out!

          • Papa Georgio

            HA, well said.

    • ZED87

      I am more interested to see how will Ryback deliver Shell Shock on Tensai

      • Papa Georgio

        That could prove interesting as long as he didn’t drop Tensai on his head like Brock did when Tensai was under the name of Albert. I thought Brock had killed him for a second. Nonetheless, Tensai should not be jobbing in a quash match period as the guy is an icon in Japan and shouldn’t be a slouch on this side of the world either.

    • http://www.facebook.com/jane.mcilysh Jane McIlysh

      Ryback is as impressive as dust. He automatically wins every damn match he’s in? Really? NO ONE is THAT fucking lucky to where they can just DOMINATE EVERY SINGLE MATCH, that is just plain, pure, bullshit and everyone knows it, “Feed me more”? Yeah I’ll feed the son of a bitch my foot all the way down his butt-ugly throat. But Fillibuster said it best Ryback + McMahon ass on his lips = SUPER RYBACK, THE UNDEFEATABLE! Puh-leeese, gimme a break, RYBACK SUCKS BALLS!

      • John Cena’s Mother


        • Dunha

          / i loled XD

      • Papa Georgio

        WOW and I thought I hated Ryback.

    • Canuck 703

      YAWN !!!

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