A Modern-Day n.W.o.?, The Real Sin Cara’s WWE Status, More

Posted by Brad Davis August 30, 2011 Comments are off

— WWE.com has an article up predicting who the members of a hypothetical modern-day reincarnation of the New World Order group would be. The predictions, brought on by the return of , are as followed: Michael Cole, Alberto Del Rio, HHH, John Laurinaitis, Mark Henry, Big Show, Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase, and Zack Ryder.

— Following the Brie Bella vs. Kelly Kelly match on RAW, The Score in Canada accidentally cut to a feed of Eastbound and Down. During the brief cutaway, four seconds of bare-breasted women aired. The Score then briefly cut to a Steve Austin music video featuring “Somewhere Down in Texas” by George Strait before returning to the broadcast with the Alex Riley highlight video.

— Time-Warner is listing Tuesday’s Smackdown as “Super Smackdown.” If you plan on recording the show on your DVR you may want to adjust your settings for the name.

— Mistico (the original ) has not been released by WWE. While WWE Developmental Talent Hunicio worked under the hood for TV this week, Mistico worked the gimmick at the house shows. Word is that creative is in a state of confusion, but as of right now, Hunico is playing Sin Cara going forward.

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