Aces & 8’s Breaking Up, Jeff Jarrett’s New TNA Role, Japanese Star To TNA?

-Jeff Jarrett is the man responsible for securing the deals to send AJ Styles to outside promotions to defend the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Additionally, Jarrett is in charge of agent work for most of the big matches in TNA, including the recent Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Roode match.

-Seiya Sanada, the guy who will be wrestling AJ Styles when he defends the TNA title in Japan for Keiji Mutoh’s Wrestle-1 promotion, has expressed interest in coming to TNA.

-The Aces & 8’s group is reportedly going to be dismantled soon, as that was an Eric Bischoff project. With Bischoff being sent home by TNA recently, there is no word on how that will affect Garett Bischoff. Garett is considered a hard worker and is well liked by many in TNA.

[Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter]