Adam Page Talks Joining The Bullet Club, His Future In ROH & More

The Bullet Club’s newest member, Adam Page, recently took part in a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” (A.M.A.) chat. Below are some of the highlights of what Page said during the chat.

On joining the Bullet Club and his ROH future:

“Being in the Bullet Club is definitely a huge opportunity and guarantees more eyes on my work. I think I fill a niche in the group that hasn’t been filled before, so I’m looking forward to being the biggest POS that I can be. Right now my focus is on Ring of Honor, and I don’t anticipate leaving there anytime soon. I’m having the time of my life and getting to see the world.”

On the importance of storytelling and a compelling feud:

“I definitely understand where you’re coming from on the importance of story-telling and building anticipation in wrestling. My number one goal has always been to try to tell interesting, cohesive, long-term stories. Right now I feel like ROH does a good job with that aspect, but there’s always room for improvement.”

On balancing teaching and wrestling:

“It’s been pretty wild, but the teaching schedule is a pretty awesome fit for wrestling. No weekends, all summer, and plenty of sick time. I always tell my students about it on the first day of class (like they didn’t already know) and try to get all of the hoopla out of the way first. I didn’t bring it back up to students much after that; I’ve been beating up an adolescent on television and now I’m hanging people. A few years ago I took off three days to do WrestleCon and my principal was really cool with it and wanted a Tatanka autograph.”