AJ & Hogan In War Of Words Over Bobby Roode Comments

After Hulk Hogan said that Bobby Roode wasn’t the next big thing in wrestling and that he didn’t know if AJ Styles would become a big name, Styles commented last night on his Twitter by saying:

“Frustration setting in when your own guys bury the company that u have worked so hard for…….. Brother!”

Now Hogan has responded on his Twitter, stating:

“just waiting for somebody to figure it out and do Today Show,Fox and Friends ,Leno,radio,tv ,ect,instead of the same 5star Matches over and over again. Brother. HH”

Hogan then concluded his tweets for the evening with this brain-scrambling message:

“Goodnight HULKAMANIACS and jabronie marks without a life that don’t know it a work when you work a work and work yourself into a shoot,marks.”

Hulk Hogan takes on Sting, and AJ Styles takes on Christopher Daniels at tonight’s Bound For Glory pay-per-view event.