AJ Lee In Hot Water Over Backstage Incident With Michelle Beadle At Tribute to the Troops Taping

Posted by Brad Davis December 15, 2013 6 Comments

Reigning WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee is reportedly in hot water with WWE management after “causing a scene” at last Wednesday’s Tribute to the Troops event in Pierce County, Washington.

Wrestling Observer editor Dave Meltzer disclosed in a podcast (posted Sunday morning on F4WOnline.com) that Lee saw NBC personality Michelle Beadle (who was on hand hosting the event) chatting with CM Punk backstage at the event and “freaked out.” More specifically, Lee threw an obscenity-laced tirade at the popular television personality.

Meltzer says that a lot of people in the company were very embarrassed and angry at Lee over the incident, mainly for “coming off like her character in real life, and not in a good way.” She is expected to be disciplined for her behavior.

A message Beadle posted the following day on Twitter appears to allude to the situation.

Lost another friend to CGFN….crazy girlfriend neutering. It’s real people. Check your buddies. Affects everyone.

— Michelle Beadle (@MichelleDBeadle) December 12, 2013

Meltzer noted that Punk is very upset with company officials over the matter. A message Punk posted Thursday evening on Twitter appears to allude to the situation.

It’s difficult to always try to do business the proper way with a company that refuses to practice the same standards.

— Coach (@CMPunk) December 12, 2013

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    • Undertaker316

      watch wwe de push aj lee now for that incident i wouldnt be surprised if she loses the divas champion ship tonight at tlc because of this, wwe’s way of punishing wrestlers is wrong because de pushing talent not only punishes the wrestler it also punishes the fans who like the wrestlers better way to punish wrestler would be a pay cut that way the wrestler who did something wrong gets punished and not the fans who love watching that wrestler on tv.

      • l

        A talent losing their push is alot like a pay cut, especially if that talent has to drop their title. Everyone knows when a wrestler is champion the paycheck increases for the duration of the reign. So if she drops it a pay cut is inevitable. And really the fans aren’t losing out if she’s put on the back burner b/c she may be talented but her storyline & gimmick have grown stale. If the story is true, she’s got no one to blame, but herself. To freak out b/c your bf is talking to another lady is childish & it’s unprofessional to do in a work setting. Lots of people do it, but still doesn’t make it acceptable. Guess that’s why the say never mix business w/ pleasure. Plus the fact that punk is upset that she may be punished kind of speaks volumes about him as well.

      • Guest

        Where have you been since AJ dropped that pipe bomb she’s been doing nothing but jobbing for the last two months to everything walking in the division. Losing the title wouldn’t be that big of a deal for the simple fact that she’s a weak champion in a shallow division.

    • D

      Somebody’s jobbing to the Bellas! Hahahahaha!

    • l

      So apparently this is what really happened:http://coolxaminaxposts.tumblr.com/post/70114438265 So I while I stand by what I said in my post. It’s clear that it does not apply to the situation. False reporting on the part of dirt sheets.

    • Vitorio

      She should’ve Black-Widowed her stupid ass and Shining Wizard the Coward tool from that stupid show.

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