AJ Styles Comments On Defending The TNA World Title Outside Of The Company

Posted by Matt Boone October 27, 2013 12 Comments

As we previously reported, there are rumors that the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion, AJ Styles, will be defending the TNA belt outside of the organization to bring credibility to the current storyline that he has left the company. Specifically, Styles is rumored to defend the title on shows for the AAA promotion in Mexico, as well as the new Wrestle-1 promotion led by wrestling legend Keiji Mutoh (The Great Muta) in Japan.

The early stages of the angle began on Thursday’s live edition of Impact Wrestling, as Styles turned down a new contract offer from TNA president Dixie Carter, and spoke about how he was going to “bring the belt” to the people.

Styles posted his first tweet since “leaving TNA” on Impact Wrestling on Thursday. You can read the new tweet below:

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    • Wretling Watcher

      This is what they should have done with CM Punk after he won the title from Cena. Defend it in small indy promotions. The Indy promotions would get use of smaller less main event talent from WWE for future dates. I think it would have been bigger then this current TNA storyline.

      • D

        Having the belt appear on some shitty indy show is fine for the TNA title. The WWE belts are above that.

        • Kage

          Yeah. We have Cena as the World Champ in his 14th reign. And Orton as the WWE champ in his 12th reign.
          Yeah. REAL prestigious.

      • Dammit

        WWE wants to stay in their bubble where they have control over everything. TNA, though, is dying for more attention and collaborates with anything (country music, mma, indys, etc.) Dammit Miz!

    • Masterpain

      wow cm punk angle. how creative.

    • jericho

      Wow how original, punk did it on such a high level

    • George Flegel

      WOW, ripping off the WWE. Must have been Hogan’s idea.

      • The Troll Hunter

        Yeah, because that cena/aj lee/ hotel cheating angle was 100% wwe? ugh

        • George Flegel

          Yeah, that was a blatant rip-off. It would be nice if both companies would stop recycling ideas.

    • Kage

      TNA ripped-off WWE!
      …but, WWE ripped-off ROH!
      I IZ CONFOOSED!11!1

    • lol

      That’s a great Idea

    • jiewmes29

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