AJ Styles Cuts A Promo On Dixie Carter, TNA Draws Small Crowd (Photo)

Posted by Matt Boone January 20, 2014 4 Comments

- Former TNA star AJ Styles wrestled at a live event in Winston-Salem, North Carolina over the weekend for the PWX promotional and mentioned TNA President Dixie Carter after his match.

Styles told the crowd that his TNA departure is not a storyline and he really is a free agent. After a positive response from the crowd, he told the fans he works for them and nobody else.

– TNA’s streak of poor live event attendance continued this weekend. They ran a show in Albany, Georgia that drew around 250-300 fans in an arena that has the capacity for 10,000 fans. The show lasted under two hours and only featured a few main event wrestlers.

Photo: Empty Arena At Friday Night’s TNA Live Event

Here’s a photo of the crowd from the TNA live event from Albany, Georgia:

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    • Jimmy Struthers

      Talk about a sinking ship! My condolences to the wrestlers like Sting and Angle who had to lower themselves to work a show like this when they deserve to be performing on a much bigger stage at this point in their careers

    • Rockman Rex

      Jesus Lord. l am very saddened TNA are in a tragic sinking state they are in. l see why Jeff Jarrett left. He wanted to get the hell outta that sinking ship and startup a new company with Toby Keith. Dixie Carter wasted God know how much money. Brought in Hogan and others goons who were very little to no draw, and took away what made TNA special circa 2006-2009. Dixie spent so much money on has-beens and and no talents, and not enough on younger talents, and that is why so many stars either were cut or they quit the company. l hope all the stars (current, cut, or quitted) find work if TNA happens to to go under. At least l would like to see Angle, Hardy, Bully Ray and Anderson back in the WWE. And Sting to FINALLY arrive there as well. As for Jeff Jarrett. lf he ever start up his new company and TNA goes under, PLEASE DO NOT let Dixie Carter anywhere NEAR your new company, payroll, creative control, etc. NOTHING.

    • hendersonej

      Dixie Carter completely sucks. Week after week this southern fried trash works her “magic” and ruins one TNA broadcast after another. Dixie will you please just sell that business to someone…hell anyone. You may well be the worst “personality” to ever appear on a wrestling broadcast. Hell, you make Vickie Guererro actually look good by comparison. You and Ethan and that absurd little piss ant “Rock Star Spud” should all hit the bricks. You’re a disgrace and you really really SUCK!!!!!

    • hendersonej

      One more thing, speaking of Rock Star Spud. Could somebody (wrestler, fan, anyone) please get a hold of this piece of garbage and seriously hurt him. I’m thinking a pile driver onto a metal surface or concrete would work nicely. “Spud” reminds me of some annoying/half-ass Tinker Bell and he definitely needs to go.

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