AJ Styles Says Bobby Roode Is The Best World Champ, TNA Action Figure News

Posted by Matt Boone August 29, 2012 5 Comments

- TNA has posted an article looking at their new “Deluxe Impact Wrestling Series 7″ action figures.

– AJ Styles spoke with Chad Dukes this weekend on his view on how Bobby Roode is doing. Here is what Styles had to say.

“He’s come into his own. First you just thought, Beer Money’s such a great tag team, I don’t see him or James [Storm] getting any better as far as popularity, but I think both of them crushed any idea of that. They’ve both come into their own…

“Bobby Roode, he’s one of the best heels in the company, I think probably in wrestling right now. He knows what he’s doing, knows his way around the ring, and is just incredible if you ask me… I do believe he’s probably the best World Champion we’ve ever had.”

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    • iNexus

      Bobby Rhoode will eventually join WWE. TNA is a small place for him to explore his full potential.

    • 40 dawg

      Aj styles always showing humility. Roode is probably the best heel in wrestling, yes even better than ziggler,punk or kevin steen ( roh ).

    • http://facebook.com/HoustonTexansFanatic TexansFanatic

      I don’t think he’s a better heel than Brock Lesnar. I mean Brock doesn’t honestly enjoy what he’s doing for the check but who would pass up that money. So with that, he’s the best cause he honestly doesn’t care what anyone thinks nor does he try to cater to anyone. And I believe the best champion they’ve had is Kurt Angle.

      • butch reed

        brock lesnar obviously enjoys what hes doing if he was the one to contact wwe first…

        • http://facebook.com/HoustonTexansFanatic TexansFanatic

          not really, remember when Undertaker was at Brock’s fight with Cain Velasquez? And their were NUMEROUS rumors about WWE wanting Brock to wrestle the Undertaker?

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