AJ Styles Speaks On Receiving Lawsuit Threats From TNA, More

The following are highlights from a recent interview with former TNA star AJ Styles:

On pushing back his speaking tour due to lawsuit threats from TNA: “We had something in the works, but then I got threatened by a TNA lawyer about some stuff that was going on – it was meaningless. We were going to do that in March, but now we’re looking at maybe coming over in June. The book should be done by then. So, it actually works out pretty good.”

On TNA’s attempts to take Impact Wrestling on the road: “It wasn’t a bad idea getting on the road doing shows. The problem is they weren’t advertising that we were on the road. We did these buildings and they weren’t even half-way sold out because people didn’t know we were there. I remember staying at a hotel right across the street from the venue and they didn’t even know that wrestling was in there that night. It goes to show that if you don’t have someone getting out there, getting the word out there that you’re in town, you’re not going to do well.”

On TNA signing big name stars to try and pop the Impact Wrestling rating: “With the homegrown guys, we were slowly building the ratings. My opinion is if it’s not broke, don’t fix it, but I think they wanted to see the ratings climb a little faster.”

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