AJ Styles Speaks On WWE Negotiation Rumors, Final Storyline In TNA

Posted by Matt Boone January 26, 2014 1 Comment

The following are highlights of a recent LAW Radio interview with AJ Styles:

On the year-long angle in TNA and where it was headed: “I don’t think they really knew what gimmick I was going towards when they did the “lone wolf” thing. They asked me about it, and I said I had no problem being at home, but I really don’t think they knew where they wanted it to go. We talked about the Sting lone wolf thing that he did, and something similar to that. I didn’t have a problem with it. You always want to do something different. I wanted to come out with a bit of a different look. It worked for me, I had no problem doing it. As far as I know, until things got changed up a little bit, they wanted me to be the one to take out Aces & Eights, or have a group to help take them out, or something like that. I’m not positive on that, but I think that’s kind of where they were going.”

On whether or not he had talks with WWE: “I know that’s some wishful thinking, but no, there was nothing. Not a phone call. Nothing. I wish I knew who these guys were that were presenting these rumors and whatnot, just so I could say, “Exactly tell me when they did call me, I’d like to know.” It’s just so bizarre, all the stuff that you hear.”

Check out the complete interview online at FightNetwork.com.

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    • TJ Mars

      i think Aj in WWE would be awesome and bad.
      awesome in the sense tthat he gets into the top brand in sports entertainment and a 2nd shot at the WWE universe (he had 1 match against the Hurricane on smackdown)

      bad because to make his name stick he should start from the tag division and move up to ic/us titles then up to main event. bad because mans stars do that and get the Christan treatment. or they go solo and stright to midcard and never move up just down. like brodus clay & albert for example.
      AJ in WWE good if he can get good momentum. and a good rivalry.
      i would love to see a trio of AJ tyson kidd and Evan Bourne

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