AJ Styles & TNA Negotiations: How Much Did They Offer?, Update On His Status

As noted in the past, TNA star AJ Styles was receiving somewhere in the neighborhood of $350,000 per year on his previous deal with the company. When that deal expired, TNA offered Styles approximately $200,000 per year, an offer which Styles subsequently turned down.

Furthermore, the $200,000 deal that TNA offered Styles wasn’t even a guaranteed deal. It was more along the lines of a “per appearance” type deal, one that would see Styles make even less than 200k if the company scales back on their live events schedule, which is something they are rumored to be doing in 2014.

Regardless, as noted earlier this week, TNA has finally offered Styles what he wanted, and it appears as though it’s only a matter of time until Styles returns to action with TNA.

[Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter]