AJ Touts on Vickie, WWE Star Gets Engaged, The Rock’s Show

Posted by Matt Boone November 18, 2012 4 Comments

- As noted, AJ Lee is bringing evidence to Survivor Series tonight. She posted the following Tout video.

– The Rock tweeted about casting for his The Hero reality show on TNT:

“Casting for my new show @TheHeroTNT has been amazing. All shapes, sizes, ages & colors. Keep those vids coming. #Drive http://Www.theherotnt.com”

– Former WWE Diva Brandi Reed (Eden Stiles) revealed this weekend that she has gotten engaged to WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes. She tweeted a photo of the ring Cody gave her:

“When the man of your dreams and your best friend asks you to marry him…there is nothing like it in the world. Just perfect. Thank you guys”

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    • http://www.facebook.com/cbbraddy Christopher Braddy

      Umm… Cody’s suffering from a concussion right now thats not a part of the script, and he’s proposing marriage? He shouldn’t be making big decisions like that until he’s healed from his head injury. This will make for great fodder when they start fighting as a couple.

      • Derp.

        Odds are he already planned to propose before he even got the concussion to begin with.
        So there really isn’t much to worry about.

    • joker77

      wrestling is fake Bro! good job cody! thats a awsome Rock Diamond!

      • Derp.



        *cries in dark corner, ashamed*

        No shit dude. There is storyline and the outcome is pre-determined, anyone knows that already. And the wrestling moves are entirely real (with an exception to the 619). They take a lot of hard work to perfect, some even take years. The blows, punches and kicks are not “fake” they are controlled to prevent injury but still enough to make it look real. You can’t go around kicking and punching wrestlers at actual force, they are trying to AVOID injuries, not create them. Yes, sometimes it is very obvious that they are not actually kicking or punching them hard, or at all, but as a real wrestling fan I am fully aware of all of these things, and I just don’t care.

        It isn’t like you’re revealing a giant secret to the world “Joker”, we all know that this is not all real. But I still love it regardless.

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