Alberto Del Rio & Drew McIntyre Involved In Real-Life Brawl Prior To SummerSlam

Posted by Matt Boone August 19, 2013 31 Comments


According to reports, the reason was sporting a black eye heading into his match with Christian at the pay-per-view on Sunday night was because of a physical altercation that took place either late Saturday night, or early into Sunday.

While there isn’t a lot of specifics that can be provided at this point, it is known that the World Heavyweight Champion was involved in a real-life brawl with fellow Superstar . Apparently the two got into a scuffle at some point, and the fight resulted in noticeable physical damage to both men.

WWE explained the black eye during the pay-per-view by saying it was the result of Christian hitting the Killswitch on Del Rio during Friday’s edition of SmackDown. However, the black eye, as well as a lot of the bruises on Del Rio’s face, were the direct result of the fight with McIntyre.

We should have an update on this story early Monday morning. Update:

Specific details on how the fight broke out, eye-witness account of what went down


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