Alberto Del Rio & Drew McIntyre Involved In Real-Life Brawl Prior To SummerSlam

Posted by Matt Boone August 19, 2013 31 Comments


According to reports, the reason Alberto Del Rio was sporting a black eye heading into his match with Christian at the SummerSlam pay-per-view on Sunday night was because of a physical altercation that took place either late Saturday night, or early into Sunday.

While there isn’t a lot of specifics that can be provided at this point, it is known that the World Heavyweight Champion was involved in a real-life brawl with fellow WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre. Apparently the two got into a scuffle at some point, and the fight resulted in noticeable physical damage to both men.

WWE explained the black eye during the pay-per-view by saying it was the result of Christian hitting the Killswitch on Del Rio during Friday’s edition of SmackDown. However, the black eye, as well as a lot of the bruises on Del Rio’s face, were the direct result of the fight with McIntyre.

We should have an update on this story early Monday morning. Update:

Specific details on how the fight broke out, eye-witness account of what went down


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    • Steven Harris

      So, Drew beat the shit of him.

      • Boss Bonkey

        Not sure I wanna see Drew’s face before i think that

    • anthony j

      Drew McIntyre is going to get released. I can tell that is going to happen. Even if it wasn’t his fault and he defended himself, still see him gone soon.

      • Sherry Hall

        So YOU say. You don’t know, YOU aren’t a writer/decision maker at WWE, YOU have no idea, Drew may just simply be sick of jobbing and showing true fire as he should. So YOU , I think, are what we in the real world call WRONG!

        • Vember Judgement

          You love using capitals to make a point unnecessarily, don’t you?

        • anthony j

          Umm a writer doesn’t have a say so in firing people. Also, they fired Mr Kennedy for dropping Randy Orton the wrong way one time. As well they fired Cryme Tyme when they got into that scuffle with Cade and Murdoch. But showing his true fire by punching a guy in face, isn’t going to get you anywhere but the unemployment line. Real world says your wrong and he might get fired.

      • Doug Pendleton

        This might not happen because Vince like legit tough guys. Drew might get a push out of this.

        • anthony j

          Maybe but Alberto is a big name in the WWE now whether people like it or not. Who knows besides HHH and Vince.

    • fgdkdfdl

      i doubt that, apparently del rio used to be an mma fighter

    • troll

      I hope ADR gets fired. Cant stand him.
      I like 3mb though

      • Ray

        Why? From what I;ve seen he is an amazing wrestler.

    • Cody Schields

      Del Rio was probably talking down to McIntyre and others and Drew was man enough to stand up for himself. I read far more stories that Del Rio is a jerk than I read stories about McIntyre being one.

    • Rhaps

      Well if any one remembers the Booker T and Batista brawl this is probably just history repeating it self. They probably got into a fight over some thing dumb and they won’t realize how dumb it was until years later.

    • jericho

      What a coincidence, Booker and Batista brawled around summerslam time lol

    • ana

      Drew mcyintire served as a best man to Alberto del Rio wedding. They are real life best friends strange they got into it like that

    • Yoda Shinoda 2013

      Apparently they went out and Del Rio Was bragging to some bigger guys, they jumped him and Drew helped Del Rio! This story is on a couple other sites, not fighting each other!!

      • Mysti Stewart

        Can ya give me the other sites

    • ECWoriginal

      WWE wont release Drew cuz he’s the CHOSEN ONE!!!

    • Simba

      I find it hard to believe McIntyre would have instigated the fight, especially seeing as Tiffany/Taryn kicked his ass a couple of years ago!

      • Sherry Hall

        She did NOT “kick his ass” you fool. He’s just too much a gentleman to hit the slimy cunt. So he allowed her to hit him, but she did NOT “kick his ass” you ass-fuck

        • Simba

          She did enough to him to get herself arrested… Exactly how old are you anyway? Such classy language for somebody so ‘seasoned’, shall we say.

          • Not Chris Jericho

            She’s really 15, but all the meth in that trailer park of hers makes her look 80.

    • Louis Salera

      Love it. Del rio is a backstage prick from all reports..alex riley stood up to Cena and look what happened…drew should b a main eventer

    • Colin Douglas

      I love the Credit To F4WOnline with this story because Meltzer has stated in every interview that they got into with a bunch of guys in a bar not with each other.

    • Al Oli

      You should probably delete this cause Drew didn’t fight Del rio. Drew saved del rio from a ass beating at a bar.

    • DimTooC

      From what I’ve heard, Del Rio is a dick. Drew was probably sticking up for everyone and did what a lot of other men would of done too.

    • gmartinez

      You all are confused dumb mf

    • gmartinez

      You all have the story wrong delrio got in a fight and drew helped him they didn’t fight each other dumb asses

    • Freewheelin Frank

      This photo has been edited. What a lousy job! What do you think of that Sherry? YOU ARE WHAT WE CALL IN THE REAL WORLD A FUCKING CUNT!

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