Alberto Del Rio Reveals His New Ring Name, Status For AAA’s “TripleMania”

Former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio held a press conference in Mexico City with AAA President Joaquin Roldan on Thursday to make a few announcements.

First and foremost, Del Rio revealed that due to WWE owning the rights to the Alberto Del Rio name, he will be using the name “El Patron” from now on. That is the nickname he was given on the Spanish language broadcasts in WWE, which stands for “The Boss,” a name that WWE did not trademark.

He mentioned that he while legally he can’t wrestle in AAA for 90 days due to his non-compete with WWE, his lawyers are working on trying to enable him to be able to wrestle at the TripleMania event on Sunday. As things stand now, it’s unlikely that he will wrestle at the show.

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