Alex Shelley Reportedly Jumping To WWE

Posted by Brad Davis May 22, 2012 18 Comments

Alex Shelley, whose contract with TNA Wrestling is set to expire, is reportedly jumping ship to WWE. This is according to former WCW broadcaster Mark Madden. He wrote on Twitter:

“Good luck to Alex Shelley, WWE-bound. A real talent. Let’s c if he’s used rite. Shame 2c MCMGs break up. Best tag team in U.S.”

As previously reported, Alex Shelley has informed TNA that he’s leaving soon.

Alex Shelley Reportedly Leaving TNA

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    • GhostDistortion

      I’m sure to start with they’ll rename him and probably make him cut his hair. He’ll probably be something like Machine Gun Shelley. He’ll be doing jobs to Brodus Clay and Lord Tensai and then he’ll disappear and go to ROH to waste away on the Indys.

      • Ice

        He’ll actually do better than that. This is a real talented wrestler.

        • Th_Mssngr

          Kaval, anyone? If he makes them money, they’ll keep him. If he doesn’t, they won’t. It’s that simple.

          • Muzlimboy

            Kaval left on his own though

            • Th_Mssngr

              Wouldn’t you leave after all you did, apart from win one match, was be used as squash material? Especially after Kaval won the second series of NXT.

            • Th_Mssngr

              Wouldn’t you leave after all you did, apart from win one match, was be used as squash material? Especially after Kaval won the second series of NXT.

            • Th_Mssngr

              Wouldn’t you leave after all you did, apart from win one match, was be used as squash material? Especially after Kaval won the second series of NXT.

        • GhostDistortion

          and I certainly hope he does. I think Alex Shelley is a fantastic wrestler and I have liked him since his ROH days, but I just know WWE’s track record with these guys.

    • jon

      I think shelley is a guy that will get over in wwe. he has a unique look, wwe wont change that, he can talk, he can wrestle and he’s very entertaining. Its funny to me when people think they will bury these guys, i mean look at Bryan,Punk, they are very high on seth rollins, they seem to be high on cesaro aka claudio castagnoli, chris hero, it seems to me that the guys from ROH or the indys who go to wwe, well, they normally get over and stay over and eventually become champions. I know people like to blame wwe for if a guy fails its wwe’s fault but a case can be made that all wwe does is give guys a chance to go out there and get over, and they either do and last or dont and go away quickly. Shelley is a guy that i think if given an opportunity will take it and run with it. The guys good. he’s got all the skills needed to get over in wwe and i for one feel if he goes there, it wont be long until he’s holding one of the belts also. ic or us im sure.

      • Wrestlehead

        You raise a few interesting issues here. I do think you have some valid points regarding Shelley, but remember that over the past 5 or 6 years WWE has had the attitude of ‘bury what we didn’t create’. R-Truth is a bit of an exception but you have to consider that WWE completely ignored his history with TNA when he jumped ship.

        Your point about the indy guys is a good one as well. Usually the guys from the indys or ROH (ie Punk, Bryan etc) have a bit more training than the homegrown WWE guys (ie the Miz) before they hit the big time, thus once again going back to the point that WWE is better at presenting wrestlers than they are at training them.

      • Th_Mssngr

        Admittedly, WWE has made changes to facilitate more wrestling-oriented talent, but rest assured, if they didn’t make the company any money, they wouldn’t advance. If Punk wasn’t so good at being both a face and a heel, he’d stay a midcarder all his career. Sometimes wrestlers don’t get over because they’re given a sucky gimmick, or they’re limited in what they can say. I hope they give him the chance; I’m not optimistic.

    • Evan Bourne

      uh oh… they wanna fill my spot…

      • Rey Rey

        sheet ese… mine too… we better lay off the wacky tobaccy

        • wrestlehead

          only small hispanic kids want to see you mysterio. If hispanic ppl didnt make babies so fast, no one would want to see you.

    • The Miz

      it would be great for wwe but i hope they used him right and give him a pushed he deserve.. i wouldnt mind tagging him with justin gabriel..

    • bill

      shelley wont do shit in wwe

    • patrick the brain

      if anybody has been paying attention the wwe is set to start a network and they are creating a all cruiserweight show and what is alex shelly?a cruiserweight? he well be used right and who knows they are looking to legitimize there tag division maybe we well see chris saban jump ship and see a machine guns reformation in the wwe. impossible u think the wwe has away of luring talent to them with a promise of a big payday and more popularity tna is heading to out of business category with ecw wcw and the awa they well be in the wwe’s library for alittle cash toward there debt.

    • Peter

      This is the IWC mentality: “Push everyone.”

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