Anonymous Top WWE Star Bashes CM Punk For Leaving

Posted by Brad Davis February 8, 2014 53 Comments

Last week, we published a letter sent to by an anonymous top WWE Superstar bashing internet fans. The mystery man has sent in another letter to be posted, this time bashing CM Punk for walking out of WWE:

“Honestly, Punk is being a little bitch. I liked him so much before his run leading to and after that Money in the Bank in Chicago. He’s a guy where you have to be really in his circle for him to I guess open up, which I understand, but being put in a feud with Kane and then with HHH at Mania is not a bad thing. Now I understand he feels this is his last Mania and he wants to main event and really, with the right storyline, that match could main event, but literally after the Tribute to the Troops incident he’s just been difficult. There are so many there that want his spot, that want to say, ‘I need a weekend off to go to UFC.’ I really and fully believe he’s a little jealous of the crowd reactions to Bryan and it’s getting to him—He’s just been such a dick lately. That interview with Ariel, he acted like he was the victim at the Troops taping when Michelle was just joking. Little bitch AJ took it to the wrong level. Do you really think AJ would have a ‘pipe bomb’ interview time or longest Diva champ BS if she wasn’t dating Punk? Punk really doesn’t want to be the face of the company. That’s BS. I hate hearing that shit. He says he does but this isn’t ROH or OVW. He would bitch so much if he had to do Michael & Kelly at 9 a.m., then fly to a different state (for Raw), do a Make-A-Wish at 1 p.m. and then RAW, then do SmackDown, then do something Wednesday to fly home Thursday to be on the road Friday or Saturday. No way he could handle that for four months. He may come back as soon as Monday or he may never come back, but if never comes back he better remember how many fans he’s fucking over right now, the same way he believes the WWE is fucking him over. And I’m not defending Vince or HHH. Especially HHH, because people are seeing that HHH taking over isn’t as cool as they thought it would be. Outlaws, Nash, X-Pac, Flair, HBK, Batista—yeah must be nice to be HHH friends.”


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    • Peter Ly

      This is what I called a pipe bomb,step up to take punk’s spot. Anyway, Punk is a great and stress out wrestler

      • Robert

        It’s not a pipe bomb if you’re too much of a pussy to not give your name…

        • Jeff Swiney

          Right I think its all fiction wrote by the writers anonymous brings speculation and diversion and the all mighty dollar

          • Whiny Jeff Swiney

            If I spent as much time on the treadmill as I did flapping my gums on a wrestling site, maybe I wouldn’t have more chins than the chinese phone book!

            • Jeff Swiney

              do it then ahhhhh ssss hoe

    • Bulkster

      Wow this letter was definitely better than the last one. Dolph?

      • nateman316

        I don’t think its Ziggler, cuz he’s getting shitted on too.

    • Undertaker316

      first of all cm punk left to make a statement to wwe so they stop bringing in these part timers and letting them steal the spotlight from the younger talent and cm punk is not jealous of daniel bryan cm punk and bryan have been friends for a long time if any thing wwe having batista win the rumble and bryan not being in it is probably one of the reasons he finally decided to leave

      • Undertaker316

        P.S. – I love run-on sentences.

        • Save_Us.Y2K

          I love double posts.

          • Rrrrusev

            I love triple posts

            • Grrusev

              I love triple posts.

            • Vladimir Russev

              I like triple posts..

        • Save_Us.Y2K

          I love double posts.

      • Undertaker 316

        P.S – I love run-on sentences.

    • صادق المشاعر

      if you are reallly a man you bitch than say who you are don’t hide behind the letter what a pussy . and cm punk is a great wrestler and deserve better than this and his making a statement for hhh and vince because part timers are really shitting on the rest of the wrestlers in the company and do it by making more money and fame hhhh so shut you’re mouth ass hole

      • Dirty Smelly Arab

        Muslims are weak minded animals who beat their wives! Isn’t that right? 9/11 forever!!!!

        • AK

          One, Pretty sure any race, men beat their wives.. Two, Muslims (pakistan) had nothing to do with 9/11, that was all more middle eastern like afghanistan, iraq, iran, etc.. But then again you redneck hillbillies are more weak minded

          • AK

            I changed my mind. I agree that I’m a weak minded animal.

    • D

      Punk IS a bitch for going out the way he did. This isn’t serving anyone but Punk himself just because he didn’t like the match they had planned for him for Mania this year. Any delusions of him “making a statement” or whatever is exactly that, a DELUSION. Because it’s hilarious how many people are saying “Oh, he did this so they have to push Bryan” yet every show the Punk chants have all but drowned out the Bryan chants entirely. And the funniest thing of all? Even if they did get Punk back, it wouldn’t be a regular schedule. Then HE would be the old part-timer coming back for the Mania matches while some “younger” wrestler got to suck the bench instead. This is Punk serving Punk, nothing more. Good riddance, please stay gone.

    • P.P. Johnny

      P.P. Johnny says c’mon Cena, quit hiding behind anonymity.

      • Will $teel

        and at least cm punks gf can wrestle. but then again neither can cena so its a good fit wit him n nikki

    • Hector Naranjo

      I also thought, how is he getting screwed, hes getting a main event Type Match vs HHH at Manía, but then again he has to make a statement even if it means not seeing him at manía. I just saw his Match against brock and that has been Brocks best Match so far since coming back, thanks to CM Punk. The matches Brock has had, vs HHH, Cena, were boring. Against Big Show at the Royal Rumble it was entertaining to see. But When i looked up his Match against Punk i dropped everything i was doing to sit back and watch it

    • J.J.

      I think that Triple H resigning all of those former superstars wasn’t a bad idea, but given them a special role that doesn’t involve wrestling. I think the role of HBK and Ric Flair are perfect for them right now because they are still being known and not taking over the show. The New Age Outlaws don’t have a bad role as of right now, but we’ll see where that goes. Batista, on the other hand, is the exact opposite. Him being a close friend of Triple H easily shows that Triple H isn’t taking his job too seriously. HHH has the opportunity to sign many new faces to the roster (particularly from NXT). However, he would rather be so focused on his much older talent and as a result the NXT superstars would only end up getting older and not have as much time in the WWE as they should. What I’m trying to say is that there have been many opportunities for Triple H to woo the WWE Universe by giving the younger talent, who have been in developmental for some time, small roles that can build up. But that just hasn’t happened yet and who knows when it will if this keeps going on.

      • J.J.

        Also, I haven’t mentioned how much CM Punk has done for the company. He still has many fans that respect him and his decision to leave, do they not still hear some fans cheering for CM Punk. The reason he left is the exact same reason why I am starting to become frustrated with WWE’s decisions on who gets the spotlight. What happened to Zack Ryder? I really thought he was gonna have a big future with the company, but I barely see him anymore. It’s unfair to him and any other member on the roster who is being held back too long, and eventually those wrestlers will want to do the same thing that Punk did. WWE should just keep that in mind. CM Punk has been an inspiration to me and I am a big fan of his, and I just want to say that if you don’t come back you will be missed and I wish you good luck in your future endeavors.

        • Big Papi

          I’m glad I’m not the only one who is still disappointed with what happened to the Woo Woo Kid. The man connected with the fan base had everyone cheering for him it seemed like and then they dump him like a bad habit without even a rematch for the U.S. Title.

    • yoyo

      TLDR: Punk screwed Punk.

    • Jay Obrien

      News Flash! Wrestling site runs fake story! slow news day

      • Jeff Swiney

        RIGHT WWE is good for stirring the pot you all know that that’s what makes us all keep tuning in, Vince McMahon made billions on the story lines he produced and the characters he created chaos is a money maker believe that

    • Tony Kasper

      This is the prevailing opinion backstage according to one of my best friends that has worked backstage for over 15 years.

      • Save_Us.Y2K

        Exactly! Plus, I know a guy who’s cousin’s sisters brothers uncle saw bigfoot! Yay internet, we’re we all have friends who do really cool things!

        • Save_Us.Y2K

          Except for me of course, because I have no friends.

          • Jeff Swiney

            lol good one

    • dzt

      This anonymous guy sounds a lot like an anonymous work …

    • Save_Us.Y2K

      I have zero problem with a wrestler feeling this way. I have a huge problem with a guy calling a guy a bitch without the balls to put his name out there. Whoever this is is a much bigger bitch then Punk at the moment. I guy hiding and talking smack apposed to a guy who’s sick of how is job is going and left. Next time, put your name on it bitch.

      • Jeff Swiney

        True True if your gonna talk shit sign it with your mark, WWE is spending to much time in the past, and if you are a triple H friend yes it must be nice — Time for some new Talent new match’s I like Randy Orton and everything but man its hard to sit and watch a full match of his anymore. Too much of the same over and over and now bringing back the past stars for shit we’ve seen 5 or 6 years ago new talent is where its at!

    • spliffsamurai

      You think he was The only one unhappy With his situation and not main eventing WM? The difference is they don’t bitch and quit. He wasn’t main eventing Wm but he was in a good position that a lot of other wrestlers would love to be in. I agree with him about part timers getting the spotlight l, but i think he forgot this is entertainment, not competition. Great wrestler, but definitely a whiny bitch.

    • Derp.

      It’s getting really annoying that people automatically assume it’s Cena. He has more important things to do than sit around and anonymously bitch about someone. I don’t know who it was, and I don’t care, and if it was Cena, so what?

    • troll

      cm punk is a bitch ass cry baby..
      all he does is throw a fit, complain, and run off whenever he doesn’t get his way.
      hes worse than those newborn babies that cry whenever they want something.
      if wwe has to bring in old bring wrestlers like batista to bring up the ratings, then so be it. its not wwe’s fault that cm punk cant draw as many fans

      • troll

        I don’t like batista btw. he can die from a heart attack from his roid usage.

    • Wall

      if its anonymous… how do we know its a top star?

    • Will $teel

      cmon we all know its….JTG!!! the true face of wwe

    • Cody Schields

      No way this is Cena. He’s too careful in everything he does now since he got divorced. Too much to lose for John if these letters were found out to be him.

    • Danny B


    • Ho Kogan

      It is interesting how the person who wrote the letter mentioned Make-A-Wish. We all know Cena is the main star requested for that organization and it is made very public. He referenced them when he was saying that Punk couldn’t handle the workload. That makes me believe it might POSSIBLY be Cena, but I really doubt he would take the time to send in an anonymous letter.

      • Jeff Swiney

        CENA ?? I don’t think it is, I believe its just part of the story line to embroil the fans and keep them coming back Cena is a lot of things but I believe he’s not one to talk anonymously

    • ricky

      Could it be the miz?? I certainly think so

    • Matt Rayfield

      Ring of Honor is starting to look good to me, I have seen 4 shows as of today and the show seems very promising. Even better then TNA is at the moment too.

    • fools

      in my eyes, it can be either three people. Orton, Batista, or Big show

    • Fools

      but lets be honest. wwe is messing up by bringing in the old muscleheads ( Brock lesnar/ Batista) and letting them go on tears. you guarantee Batista a shot at the main event in his first match. Batista isn’t as much of a pull as much as wwe would like to believe. and having every fucking pay per view be John Cena vs Randy orton isnt doing anyone in the company any help. and dont get it confused. the elimination chamber is John cena vs Orton. sheamus has no chance in hell, cesaro has no chance christian has no chance, and it looks like bryan is working towards a feud with Kane. WWE just finds a way around wrestle mania season to make John cena the main event. If TNA wasn’t so painful to watch i probably wouldn’t be a big fan of WWE.

    • gezim

      Sounds like Orton a lot of interviews he does. He does swear a lot outside the ring..

    • Jeremy

      CM Punk didn’t leave to make a statement, he left because he is a punk ass whiny bitch who isn’t happy unless he has something to whine about. WWE gave him his opwn tour bus (which only few have), was able to buy a $2 million apartment in Chicago, had a 400+ day WWE title reign, and the guy was going to have a big match at Wrestlemania against a top heel. He is hardly a victim of anything but his own ego. He buys into his own hype.

    • its deformed

      wwe is all faggots now!!

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