Another Ex-Knockout Says She’s Not Appearing At PPV, Aces and Eights Video

Posted by Matt Boone March 17, 2013 8 Comments

- Add Rosita to the list of former TNA Knockouts who will not be participating in TNA Wrestling’s One Night Only: TNA Knockout Knockdown pay-per-view event, which is being taped Sunday at the Impact Wrestling Zone in Orlando, Florida.

When asked on Twitter whether she will be on hand for the show, the former Knockout answered, “No sir, I will not be. I’m sure it’ll be good though!”

Rosita, who is now professionally going under her real name of Thea Trinidad following her departure from TNA Wrestling in January, has her sights set in joining WWE as she participated in an evaluation session before brass of the sports-entertainment organization earlier this month.

Meanwhile, Awesome Kong, Angelina Love and Traci Brooks were contacted by TNA Wrestling officials to appear at the event, but declined. Sarita, Winter, Salinas, Roxxi and Ms. Peyton Banks have also publicly said that they will not be appearing on the show.

– A new TNA ReACTION video was released Saturday with the Aces and Eights vowing to reign supreme over TNA Wrestling.

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    • Chyna

      Would be a shame if this never went down, but evidently, it’s their own fault for such poor treatment of the division in the last 2 years, which is the real shame, as it was at its peak at one point.

    • Derp

      Why do a PPV with females if none of them want to be at it? lol, TNA proves to be a joke once again. At least their women’s division is better than WWE’s though. But in the meantime, TNA is still a joke.

      • TexansFanatic

        true their division is better than WWE’s but WWE never decided to put on a ppv with none of the former talents wanting to join. I’m sure IF WWE wanted to do a ppv and called some of the former talents for the show, they’d do it.

    • Flock-Member

      What they going to do like 3 hour long matches

      • kindred1313

        NO! long Division LOL

    • Chain Gang

      This is what TNA gets for pushing the knockouts out of the way for Hogan and Bischoff. Word Life!

    • HMW

      this is the boring wrestling shoe I’ve ever seen.

    • TexansFanatic

      TNA should just cancel it. They’ll look like a total fool having a ppv with none of the former talents wanting to go on it. That’s just sad.

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