Another Major Update On Sting’s WWE Debut

Posted by Brad Davis January 29, 2014 15 Comments

As reported earlier today, RF Video’s Rob Feinstein made a post on Facebook stating that Sting has signed with WWE in the past 24 hours. Feinstein says he received “a million emails” about the situation and provided this update regarding Sting’s status for WrestleMania and RAW the night after WrestleMania:

“I got a million emails over the day and wanted to wait before I said anything more on the Sting situation. I see that my FB post has been all over websites today and I will stand by my story as the person who told me has never lied to me and is a good source. As I stated earlier today I do not think Sting will face Undertaker at Mania. I am certain that Taker is going to face Brock at mania and I know a little bit more but I don’t want everyone yelling at me for spoilers. Trust me Mania is going to be really good this year if it’s true what I have been told. Everything changes in this business so there is nothing that you should go out and bet your house on. I still think that Sting will not be at Mania and will be on Raw the following night and be tied into the Network. I guess we will all have to wait and see but I also think WWE will def tease Sting up until that weekend but again I think he will debut on Raw and only wrestle a certain huber of dates and maybe one MAJOR match at Mania in CA in 2015 and be part of the HOF.”

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    • Undertaker316

      since the rumors are that taker will face brock lesnar at wm 30 they should have a teaser of stings debut the night before right when lesnar is about to win the lights go out and when they come back on lesnar is down and in the middle of the ring there’s a bat undertaker beats lesnar the next night sting debuts saying he saved the streak because he wants to end setting up for sting vs taker at wm 31

      • anthony j

        I think Lesnar is going to fight HHH as a tweener, since Punk so called walked out and if that is legit, that’ll be his replacement. If Sting don’t wrestle at this Wrestlemania then what is the whole purpose of signing him now when he won’t face the Undertaker till next year?

        • Undertaker316

          because sting needs to get in better shape i dont know if you’ve seen any of his matches lately but sting is in really bad shape he can barely move around the ring and he even has to wear a shirt when wrestling because he is so out of shape

          • mdisturbed

            As a opposed to the Undertaker who wrestles once a year and looks like a train wreck.

            • Undertaker316

              yeah but at least the undertaker can put on a good match despite him being in bad shape

            • Adam

              He is 50 after all

          • anthony j

            You do realize in.good shape and Wrestlemania isnt till April and we are rolling into February? Plenty of time to get in tip top shape by then.

        • Adam

          about time Hunter returned to the ring and away from the Corporate stuff He can still put on a good match

        • Stingfan

          I guess you never heard he was the top name in WCW for a very long time…and that little thing called The WWE Network might want to utilize him to promote the WCW Library part of said network? Not to mention sell a buttload of Sting Merchandise over the next year til he’s ready to wrestle?? Just my own assumption…

          • anthony j

            True but why didnt they just sign him to a legends contract then?

      • Joseph Parks

        well said!

      • Domenic Inferrera

        That makes way to much sense for them to use that, but I like it.

    • gamexxx07

      Lesnar vs taker it will be good match at mania xxx but remember about the undertaker health conditions because is wwe responsible for undertaker and brock lesnar is more dangerous than undertaker.

    • Adam

      no to Taker vs Lesnar again it is so 2002 leave it back 10 Years ago

    • Bam Bam

      If Sting were to face Undertaker he would have to start practicing now. Who ever he is gonna face is gonna have to start practicing the match now since they go over the match a couple of months before.

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