Another Milestone for CM Punk, Raw Social Media Score, ECW Note

Posted by Matt Boone January 2, 2013 6 Comments

- WWE will be playing the ECW Unreleased Volume 1 and Best of Falls Count Anywhere matches on InDemand PPV this month.

– This week’s episode of Raw scored 142,218 in social media activity. This score remained well-below the 2012 three-hour era average of 263,000, but was higher then last week’s Christmas Eve episode.

Raw ranked #2 on cable behind the Chick-Fil-A Bowl on ESPN.

– CM Punk has another milestone to add to his career as of January 1st, 2013. Punk has held the title for an entire calendar year,January 1st – December 31st. The last time this has happened was in 1987 when Hulk hogan went an entire year as WWE Champion. Also, 2012 was a leap year. The last time there was a leap year without one WWF Title change was 1980 when Bob Backlund went the entire year as Champion.

Source: PWInsider, Trendrr.TV

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    • The Watcher

      God bless you, CM Punk. :)

    • Kevin Nash

      What a waste of a year for them…the ratings have sunk yet they keep this scumbag as champ…a title change would be great for the company anyone but Ryback give the title to Zig have Rock beat CM Punk, Shield attacks Rock afterwards and Zig cashes in and then the Shield shoots an angle feuding with Zig/Big E

      • bob

        Ziggler’s MitB isn’t for the WWE Chapmionship, though…

    • Jayfur

      God Bless HHH for making the Title mean something again. Punk just happens to be the guy they used right now. Hes good, but not as good as people believe.

    • WWE fan from India

      MVP due for the title. Wins the Rumble atleast!! For me as a long time WWF / E fan!!!

    • savio james

      CM Punk wouldn’t mind goin on and on as WWE champ for another three years ! He never gets old or dull like most of wrestlers do

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