Another Tough Enough Trainer Revealed

Posted by Michael Bluth February 25, 2011 6 Comments

The third trainer on WWE Tough Enough will be Bill Demott, who wrestled in WCW as Hugh Morrus. Demott worked as a trainer on the previous version of the show. (Press Release)

DeMott’s return to WWE for Tough Enough comes as a surprise because it was a big deal when he was fired a few years back as a trainer in WWE developmental territory Deep South Wrestling, for allegedly being too tough on students.

Steve Austin is the host, and Demott, Booker T, and Trish Stratus are the trainers for the show.


    i like bill demott. he is a total hard a$$ and will be very entertaining

  • Hobble

    Awesome. Now they just need Regal, because you can just tell that he’s a tough trainer as well.

  • Save_Us.Y2K

    Awwwww I was hoping for Disco Inferno!!!!

  • Damn

    Regal did train Bryan Danielson so that would be cool. Too bad no kidman. Bill demont, miss him and his stable The Misfits vs Lance Storm’s team The Maple Leaf

  • Calvin2077

    Demont too hard on tough on students. They must not
    have seen Hardcore Holly beat the hell out of Matt Cortisol

    • Random guy

      Holly was a stooge, so he got away with being a bully for a long time. Until he started stealing stuff out of people’s bags. Then he got fired.

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