Another WWE Superstar & Diva Dating?, Sin Cara Title Chase, Rey Mysterio featured Dean Malenko’s selection for “Five-Star Match of the Week” this week. Malenko picked his match against Rey Mysterio from WCW’s “Great American Bash” pay-per-view in 1996.

Malenko spoke with about the match. “That was a special night for me because Rey was an opponent I always wanted to work against in the ring. I asked the offices of WCW if we could bring him in for a shot at my Cruiserweight Championship, because it was a match that I anticipated having a lot of fun with. I love when two styles clash — Rey being a lucha libre style performer and a very impactful, aerially talented guy, and myself being more of a mat technician. What really stands out about that night was the guys in the back being really disappointed seeing Rey. They thought he was really small and very young-looking, which we kind of laugh at now. But it ended up being one of the only times in 20-some odd years of being in the business that I walked back in the dressing room and my peers stood on their feet applauding this guy’s ability and what he did that night. It was a really neat scene for me to see and it definitely welcomed Rey into the fold of WCW. It was a great moment and one that I cherish very highly.”

WWE Diva Natalya recently filmed a segment for WWE’s “Total Divas” show this week. The segment also featured WWE Diva Naomi and one-half of The Uso’s. According to reports, the two may be dating in real life.

Sin Cara is now the number one contender to the Intercontinental Championship following his non-title victory over Wade Barrett at WWE Main Event on Wednesday.