Audio: Hulk Hogan Talks Scott Steiner, Bret Hart & Warrior

Posted by Brad Davis May 8, 2012 11 Comments

During a recent interview with Scottland’s One Wrestling Show Hulk Hogan responded to Scott Steiner recent shoot comments about him and Eric Bischoff, never wrestling Bret Hart around WrestleMania 9 and his long running feud with the Ultimate Warrior:

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    • Wrestlehead

      I personally find it funny that Hogan, in the Bret Hart interview, talks about Vince being the boss and how if he says to job to someone you just do it, and meanwhile Hogan is SO famous for playing backstage politics and refusing to job and put people over throughout his career. Hogan quit in 1993 because Vince thought his days as a top star were numbered and would have given him less say in his story lines. So Hogan has no right to come off sounding all sanctimonious when talking about Bret Hart and what Hart did or refused to do.

      I do agree with him however that Warrior needs to just give it a rest. Most of his speeches and various rants on the internet have been dismissed by most people as both infantile and pathetic. His grasp on reality is tenuous at best. Someone should tell Warrior that he accomplishes nothing other than sporadically entertain people with his insanity.

    • Wrestlehead

      I’m not sure why or how I’ve rubbed you the wrong way, but the only reason I come on this site is to express my opinions on wrestling. Every once in a while, someone agrees with me. What’s funny is that you haven’t mentioned anything in your comment about wrestling, but have proceeded to attack me ad hominem based on preconceived notions you have about me based on how I wrote my original comment. If you disagree with any part of my comment, please tell me what it is, and we’ll talk about it.

      • Mr 561

        Ignore the yo-yo

      • Opinion

        Your “opinions” as you so modestly put it are simply a desperate attempt to mock those who can’t defend themselves. Your right.. This is a comment section. It’s not a blog. Your entire “comment” is a pile of rehashed ideas neatly placed together with your own pretentious twist on it. “infantile” “pathetic” You nailed it!

        • Wrestlehead

          Given the opportunity to have a fruitful discussion about wrestling, or even attempt to rebut any of my points that I brought up in my post, you’ve obviously refused, lest you compromise your credibility. So stay in the shadows where you belong then. You’re under no obligation to read any of my comments although you seem quite obsessed with them. Despite your best efforts to present yourself otherwise, it’s clear to me that you’re just another troll. Therefore this will be my last post to you. I hope you find some resolution to whatever issues you seem to have. Have a nice day.

          • You’re biggest fan

            You’re so articulate and fluent with you’re fruitful words. I can’t help but be drawn to you’re passionate yet unoriginal ideas. The way you so intelligently reminded us trolls that Hulk Hogan played backstage politics and didn’t like to job, who knew? If Hulk Hogan sounded sanctimonious when he made a perfectly valid point about Bret Hart not jobbing for Shawn because they were in Canada then what word would you use to describe your comments about Warrior’s grasp of reality? Again who are you? Last warrior interview I watched he made no mention to hulk hogan at all. If a positive attitude is insanity then I’ll gladly creep back into the shadows for you. Although I’m a little obsessed with your comments so idk. I was never looking for a discussion. I’m telling you you’re a pretentious D-Bag.

            • The Grammer Nazi


      • Broski

        Very well said, but if I were you, I’ll ignore that guy and his worthless comments! I also came here to express my opinions on wrestling, and sometimes the reply I got aren’t sensible.

        • Wrestlehead

          Thanks for your comment, and yes I agree. Since he addressed me at first in a semi-intelligent manner I figured I’d see if he could be reasoned with but unfortunately I was wrong. My intention this evening was NOT to get into a war of words with someone I don’t even know. I apologize for the negative tone things took here. He won’t be receiving any more of my attention, but I do appreciate your message. I hope all is well with you.

          • Broski

            Same to you mate. Comments are very important for wrestling. Somehow I think that our comments reaches WWE, TNA or any other wrestling organisations, and there are times that these organisations actually listens to the comments. For instance, CM Punk has been champion for a long while because fans wants it, as can be seen through their comments. Wrestling organisations knows that things must change because of the fans reactions through their comments.

            Despite WWE’s flaws, I think this is the best show on Earth. I believe that fans took time to comment on things that needs improvement because they love the business.

            So I think you should keep those comments coming because they may serve as valuable inputs. Jerks are always there, but you can always choose on not letting them affect you.

    • Josh

      Dude….the whole point of this is to express opinions. Who are you to tell someone not to express an opinion on this subject? That’s the whole point of the comment section. You need to chill out.

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