Austin On RAW Next Week, Diesel At WrestleMania?, More

Posted by Brad Davis March 1, 2011 13 Comments

— The planned WrestleMania match between rival factions Nexus and The Corre has been reportedly nixed, according to It’s now believed that The Corre will wrestle the Big Show on in some kind of match. This is not confirmed, but Kevin Nash is being discussed as a tag team partner for the Big Show.

— Steve Austin tweeted the following about his return to WWE RAW next week:

steveaustinBSR: “I’m taking a 6 pack of WHOOP ASS to Monday Night Raw in Dallas Texas…Oh Hell Yeah!!”

— During Monday’s RAW, WWE Champion The Miz claimed to make history by being the first WWE superstar to post a picture on Twitter while doing commentary. Here’s the picture The Miz took and uploaded while RAW was still on the air last night:

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    • craiglister

      No comment.

    • Jamie

      Haha The diesel engine is gonna fire up for wrestlemania and ya No comment on the pic XD

    • The Rock

      nice pic.. lol.. so diesel is going to be on smackdown roster?

    • wwe fan

      That’s pretty brilliant by the Miz or whomever came up with this idea. Posting pics on twitter and facebook is gold right now because EVERYONE is on those social mediums. Talk about hyping the action…

      I guess the Rock started it by daring the Miz to contribute to Dwayne’s facebook page when he came back. The Rock is a genius.

    • Random guy

      The sad thing is, taking this picture was the only thing Miz did on Raw that actually got a reaction.

    • wwe5

      Are you serious….is Miz the wwe champion???…if yes…then he shouldn’t be doing such silly things. If u r the champion….then show the world why u r champion…..Miz haven’t done anything till now to be considered as wwe champion…In future if he doesn’t improve…then please have some pitty on that wwe championship belt….i rather see morrison as wwe champion..than miz…..wwe doesn’t know what they are doing…tell me one reason why not to wrestle john morrison and miz for wwe championship.

      • Hobble

        It’s so sad how so many people on here can’t seem to be able to grasp the basic dynamics of babyface/heel.

        • ED


    • RJMac

      Am I the only one wanting that picture to be of Cena in jail getting raped?…

      • Random-English-Fella

        by an entire block of cellmates. one after another.

    • Wrestlehead

      Good on Kevin for going back to the company that made him famous. He really looks rejuvenated and much happier in WWE than he has been in a long time, and no, it’s not just the dyed hair that gives me that impression. He looked like he was going through the motions a lot of the time with TNA whereas now he looks genuinely excited to be back.

    • Hollow Bonez

      That would be the icing on the cake at ‘Mania. Diesel& Show vs. The Corre. That sounds more interesting than Orton and Punk to tell you the truth. As for the picture…wow xD

    • sumguy

      MIZ IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

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