Austin: Shawn Michaels Is The Greatest Wrestler Ever

During his latest blog entry, Steve Austin was discussing Shawn Michaels. He had the following to say about Shawn as an in ring performer:

“He is the greatest in ring performer I have ever seen. The fact that his talent and commitment transferred over from the squared circle to the world of hunting does not surprise me. Shawn has segued from being the “Show Stopper” to the “Game Stopper”. I’m proud of him and his success.”

Austin also said he wants to go hunting with Shawn Michaels some time:

“I may be headed straight into another project (after the current movie) if the business end of things works out. If not, the Austin Clan will take a quick trip down to the Broken Skull Ranch for 10-14 days. Shawn Michaels and I have been trying to get together for a hunt for the last year and this could be the opportunity to get it done… Shawn’s show, MacMillan River Adventures, has been a hit and when I spoke with Shawn in Las Vegas at the SHOT SHOW he was up for several awards.”