Backstage Details On HHH Grooming The Wyatt Family For Major Push

Posted by Matt Boone August 15, 2013 17 Comments

According to one source, The Wyatt Family is currently considered a pet project of Triple H in WWE these days. The general consensus within WWE is that HHH is grooming the Wyatt Family for a big push, even more so than the one they are currently riding.

One report claims HHH is specifically grooming them for the spot that was one designated for The Shield. Apparently The Shield is about to be bumped down a notch or two in favor of the Wyatt’s.

Past pet projects of Hunter’s included Kharma and Sin Cara. The general feeling there is both of those projects bombed, so “The Game” is expected to go all out when it comes to getting the Wyatt’s over in a major way.

[Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter]

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    • Undertaker316

      sin cara should of went to developmental first then brought up to the main roster not training in developmental is probably why he botches a lot

      • 123

        Sin Cara doesn’t botches the moves, the wrestlers he wrestles cant keep up with the moves he does…Go look at his old videos in Mexico, he wrestled amazingly. Though, Triple-H did mess up in rushing him to the Main Roster, when every new wrestler should go through the developmental first.

      • Nick Nguyen

        Sin cara is okay.He was a great superstar years ago and he still is but now WWE is more focused on the other newcomers and not on sin cara anymore.

        • TightAss O’ Neil

          He was rushed to the main roster cause they had to fill the void left by “I’m always injured” Mysterio which was a business decision for the Latino Market most likely. Del Rio was still a heel at that time – which everyone now preferred. He should have gone to FCW for sure! Kharma was not a bomb – she had to leave due to personal issues and a miscarriage – which is really sad. HHH’s overhaul of the developmental system is to be commended and the Wyatt Family is a great gimmick… The Shield are still strong too.. hope they do something big soon as well as a feud between the 2 factions would be just too sweeet…… hurrra hurra hurra ..

    • Ice

      I wonder who’s going to play the Face/Heel when the Wyatt Family Feuds with The Shield.

      • Canuck 703

        I read somewhere that the Wyatt Family will eventually turn face.

      • Bone Cold Steve Asstin

        triple h is a ego centric moron who cant deal with the fact he was a good wrestler but he has no business writing anything.. he always sticks his face in fights .. plus i think brad maddox is a triple h guy and we all see how well thats going too. he will ruin this like a lot of other things.

    • The jumpin Jehosaphat

      I have to admit I have enjoyed their promos. Wwe has done a great job with them. Move and creepy the way it was intended. . Not sure what i think of the intro when they do the “I’m here” part. Should stick to what they did originally at house shows. Either way i look forward to their last of the show each week. Please don’t mess it up HHH. Them feuding with “the shield”. I see the Wyatt’ s staying heel. Their gimmick is more for than the Shield’s which can go in either direction

    • MAS

      I thought they were here to do some sort of Ministry knock off, but so far nobody has followed the buzzards.

      • Mark Hopkins

        kane i belive will be

    • bradnWoREVOLUTION

      undertaker joins the wyatts

      • Mark Hopkins

        i think it be more like kane to join

    • ZED87

      IMO, cruiser weight style of wrestling is dead in WWE and all the wrestlers of that category have no real future in this company. Sin Cara would’ve been great if we had WWF Light Heavyweight divison or Cruiserweight division

    • muddy1

      Bumping the Shield down for the Wyatts?!!! That’s dumb & dumber….they have no wrestling skill….no promo skill….HHH will screw this one up….

      • john

        as much as I love the Wyatts schtick, the Shield are far better wrestlers, especially Rollins. For the time being I’d like to see the Wyatt matches go for longer than 3 minutes – and put Bray out there for one-on-ones…… But bumping the Shield down and the Wyatts up is a hair-brained idea. WTG Hunter

    • Jorgen_Henreksen

      I like Sin Cara. HHH should still work on his development. As for the Wyatts, ok. Someone needs to bring The Shield down a notch. It may as well be them.

    • Armand

      The crowed would go nuts if the lights go down and they heard “WE’RE HERE, during a Shield promo..

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