Backstage Fallout from SmackDown, Pac Arrives In WWE, More

Posted by Matt Boone October 27, 2012 14 Comments

- Below is the latest episode of WWE Backstage Fallout from last night’s SmackDown:

– Brother to Alberto Del Rio and WWE NXT star Memo Montenegro is now on Twitter at @memomontengro.

– Top independent wrestler Pac has arrived at WWE developmental. He wrestled Dean Ambrose at last night’s WWE NXT live event in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Another big match at last night’s NXT live event saw more former Ring of Honor stars face off as NXT Champion Seth Rollins defeated Luke Harper, the former Brodie Lee.

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    • Sulk Brogan

      Ladies and gentlemen, Vince Russo.

    • oh well

      thats got to piss off dean ambrose. Deans been fighting to get on tv for a while now and some top independent guy comes along and takes his spot and i bet gets on tv before wrestle mania lol

      • l

        Makes me wonder why he’s not on TV. Is he missing a certain quality? Has he upset management? Or do they simply not know how to use him in a TV angle? I guess when he does debut it will be interesting.

        • yeah

          hes a good wrestler. but from what people say has a chip on his shoulder like people owe him a big spot in wwe. and only since he started talking shit to mc foley did he ever become relevant to some people. and he doesnt h ave that LOOK. he loows like a failed ecw character and no im not saying ecw was a fail it was a great company and had a lot of great performers. im saying that grunge look almost like.. backyard wrestling or somethin

    • Cuatro Veinte Montana

      I hate you Smark Marks ! your idiots

      • Reality Sets In

        It’s “you’re idiots”. When you’re going to call someone an idiot at least try and use proper grammar and spelling. It just makes you look like the one that is an idiot. Sorry Mexican Hannah Montana but you have failed.

      • me1986

        Shut up bitch

    • SJ_bootpartystomp03

      Eddie Guerrero was straight edge and overcame his negative addictions and was helpful to people and respected and treasured his wife.

    • 40 dawg

      Alright cena fans ya’ll gonna like this rumor. Rumor has it cena is 100% healthy and wwe is gonna have him compete and make the match a 3 way, having cena lose so ryberg stays undefeated and punk remains champ. Another idea is to just have him interfere, either way cena will be involved in match. As for dean ambrose, he was gonna be called up to the main roster about like 4-5 months ago to feud with of all people mick foley. But dean said something on twitter that pissed mick off for real and mick decided not to do the feud. So wwe probably doesn’t have any other ideas for him so he’s stuck in wwe limboo

      • not sure

        but if its cena vs punk vs ryback if ryback pins cena wouldnt he win the title?

        • 40 dawg

          Punk would have to pin cena to have punk keep the strap and ryback stay undefeated.,if wwe still plans on punk retaining the strap. Things could change, I was just posting a rumor I heard 2 days ago. So wwe could of changed plans 50 times since then, we’ll see.

          • maybe

            if like the bigshow comes down and knocks all 3 out and no one responds to the count of 10. Wouldn’t cena and rybacl not of lost.ot would be like a 3 way draw no wins now losses

            • 40 dawg

              Anythings possible, but don’t think that’ll happen seeing show has his own match. Would be interesting tho but probably unlikely.

      • me1986


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