Backstage Heat On CM Punk Regarding His Decision To Tweet About Hockey

Posted by Matt Boone December 19, 2013 8 Comments

As covered in-depth the past week, there was an incident during the WWE’s “Tribute To The Troops” television taping in Washington involving AJ Lee and Access Hollywood co-host Michelle Beadle regarding Beadle’s comments to CM Punk.

In addition to all of the heat on AJ for her role in the ordeal, apparently CM Punk garnered some heat on himself by his way of handling the issue.

Punk decided to tweet about hockey on his official Twitter account, and WWE officials were apparently unhappy with that decision, as they felt he should be tweeting about something TLC-related instead of hockey.

[Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter]

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    • twet

      what a f’d up world we live in: getting heat for tweeting?

    • chrissi calvert

      Its Punks twitter feed, he should be able to tweet about what he likes but no, WWE have to involve themselves. The same thing happened last year as well. Do other superstars get into trouble for tweeting non wrestling related things (Dolph Ziggler does it all the time!)

    • starkiller

      i agree he should be able to tweet what ever he wants. if thats the case, then don’t use your WWE “character” name to represent yourself. make a profile with your legit name and tweet what ever you want. if your gonna tweet under your character name then wwe probably expects you to be “in character” not saying its right or i agree but when looking at it from that point of view it makes sense.

      • Our-Truth

        Phil Brooks has been CM Punk since he was a teenager. WWE does not own the trademark to that name. So your point is invalid. He is CM Punk, it’s not a character, that’s him.

        • starkiller

          invalid or not then “Phil Brooks” should be smart enough to know the consequences and how the company he represents would react don’t you think?

          • twet

            i think he knows he just does not give a fukk

    • Shockmaster

      Don’t forget that the WWE thinks its fans are morons – they think that if any other wrestler tweets about anything, the moronic fans will be led off like stray dogs.

      • Guest

        Hey it happened with Tony Schiavone’s infamous” that’ll put butts in the seats” comment on Nitro.

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