Backstage Heat On Henry, Rock Shouts Out Indy Wrestler

— Many in WWE speculate that the reasoning behind Mark Henry’s decreased push have to do with injuries and perception. Henry is looked at as being injury prone and not tough enough to gut out those injuries. Henry is currently trying to break into acting since he feels his wrestling days are coming to an end. He realizes that his acting roles will be likely limited to playing a bodyguard or bar bouncer.

— The Rock has been conversing with indy wrestler Kevin Steen via Twitter. Steen spent several weeks trying to get Rock to respond to him via the site which has now paid off. When Curt Hawkins said he was fascinated by the bond they’d formed, Rock tweeted:

“@TheCurtHawkins @KILLSTEENKILL Aside from Kevin being a bad ass great worker, it’s f’n crazy how we look like twins.”

“@ColtCabana @TheCurtHawkins @KILLSTEENKILL Trust me, ain’t no one jobbin’ to Flex’s 1996 sunset flip. #HotGarbage”