Backstage Heat On New SmackDown Diva, HHH In Dallas

Posted by Brad Davis March 2, 2011 7 Comments


— Kaitlyn has been on hand for all recent SmackDown! tapings, but has been sparingly used. It is said that some of the female WWE wrestlers have chastised Kaitlyn for not paying her dues, but ironically, it’s products of the Diva Search that are complaining.

— Right after this coming Monday’s Raw in Dallas, HHH will be signing copies of the Chaperone at the WalMart on Cockrell Hill Road at 11 PM. The signing is limited to 300 people.

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    • Mustaffa

      Thats BS. When you do a signing you are supposed to sign something for everyone and not leave till the last person is gone. What a phoney.

      • catsrulz

        So say 10,000 ppl showed up to a sigining event what ever it may be, that person should stay there till the end? I ask you would you do it? I dout it very much. Most singing event put a limit on the number of ppl that can get it done. With this at least the WWE sells another 300 copies that they wouldnt have sold

    • Save_Us.Y2K

      Yea a limit of 300 hundred for an after Raw signing is pretty decent.

    • AFtermath

      Forget kaitlyn..bring back Stephanie Mcmahon!!!!!!

    • thepug

      You are arguing about The Chaperone-they won’t even sell 6 copies of that crap.

    • Gary

      Yeah…bring back steph as the new raw gm…and…hhh ends the streak…he can go on for a couple of more years plus taker really needs to hang his wrestling boots..Come on and there’s no one better than the Hunter to do the honours..!!

    • Damn

      Kaitlyn is so hot. It is natural that other bitches would be jealous of that fine ass piece.

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