Backstage Heat On The Pope, Tara/Trish Stratus, More

Posted by Brad Davis February 23, 2011 6 Comments

source: Pro Wrestling Torch

– Just when you thought there couldn’t be any more behind-the-scenes drama in TNA… there is. “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero has heat from a few wrestlers in the locker room because they feel he’s not making an effort be an “effective” heel. The Torch Newsletter reports that these wrestlers think The Pope tries to portray himself as a babyface or “cool heel” in his promos, which in turn hurts his opponents’ portrayals of legitimate babyfaces.

– TNA Knockout Tara put over Trish Stratus’ return to WWE on Sunday, writing on Twitter: “I wish I could have watch my girl @trishstratuscom tonight. I’m sure she stole the show.”

Stratus wrote in response, “Well… It was no Chicago street fight- now that was stealing the show!”

– TNA Knockouts Traci Brooks and SoCal Val, as well as former Knockout Chelsea, are advertised for Mega Con, which takes place March 25-27 in Orlando, Florida. Visit for more details.

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    • Irate Fan

      I would put WWE over, too. TNA is a joke these days. I’m glad I don’t watch it anymore.

      • sumguy

        same here man. same here

        • craiglister

          Fo shizzle, fo shizzle…

    • this guy

      yep tna had some much potential until they hired all of wwe washed up and recycled employees

    • Random guy

      Can’t blame the Pope for going into business for himself. He knows TNA’s creative is pathetic, so he’s trying to make something, ANYTHING, happen. The guys who don’t like it obviously don’t know how wrestling works nowadays.

      The days of telling the fans who to boo and cheer for are over for the most part. The fans decide who the faces and heels are, NOT the company.

      • sumguy

        that’s the truth right there. fans decided to turn orton from face to heel even when he was a heel. fans were cheering for him

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