Backstage News On Bad Morale In TNA, Fear Of Losing Spike TV & More

Posted by Matt Boone March 20, 2014 5 Comments

Apparently many people within TNA are outwardly rooting for and his new promotion to succeed. Not only is it because of the fact that it would open up more jobs for talent in the business, but as a safety net as well.

With every week that passes without an announcement from either or TNA about a new television deal, as the current contract between the two is set to expire in the fall, concern grows.

Morale within TNA was said to be high during their recent U.K. tour, as the guys felt like they were part of a major league promotion, when the company failed to draw a decent crowd for , their second biggest pay-per-view of the year, the mood changed.

For the most part, faith in TNA creative, as well as and , is low right now. There’s also a belief that is secretly involved in the creative process, which doesn’t help morale as the feeling is Russo hasn’t led any company to legitimate success since he left WWE nearly 15 years ago.

(Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)