Backstage News On CM Punk’s TLC Win, Roman Reigns’ Future & More

The reason CM Punk was booked to win against The Shield at the recent WWE TLC pay-per-view was for a couple of different reasons. First and foremost, WWE had already booked John Cena and Daniel Bryan to lose their matches at the TLC show, and the feeling was all three couldn’t lose on the same pay-per-view.

Another reason WWE gave Punk the win was because it added to the drama surrounding The Shield currently, since they decided to have Roman Reigns spear Dean Ambrose, setting up the eventual pin for Punk.

This past Monday night on RAW, WWE had Roman Reigns get the win on Punk with the idea that Reigns is eventually going to be the real “golden boy” of the company, since he has the look and the sports background that WWE officials prefer, as opposed to Punk and Bryan, both of which will never fully get past the size and look issues that WWE has.

Additionally, Punk was considered to be “protected” from the loss with the feeling that having him do a promo segment with Shawn Michaels before the match would leave a larger impression on fans than Punk actually getting pinned.

[Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter]