Backstage News On Creative Plans For John Cena vs. Randy Orton

Posted by Matt Boone December 15, 2013 8 Comments

Apparently WWE came up with the plans for the John Cena vs. Randy Orton title unification match for Sunday’s TLC pay-per-view a few weeks ago. Whatever those plans are, unlike many times in the past where WWE will constantly alter their plans, they are reportedly sticking to them for Cena vs. Orton.

Basically, WWE has a clear-cut direction they want to take this angle and they appear to be going with it no matter what.


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    • bn

      so basically you told us nothing

      • SJoiskpu3

        I figure it like this: John Cena and Randy Orton are being put into a position of responsibility………if you will. Because whichever one of them wins at TLC, that guy is going to have to put over a Skinhead girl. Which means that by the time she gets to college, gets involved with a work study program and gets employed, whether it’s to pay for college and toward a vehicle, insurance, gas, 2 Akitas, move to Orlando, FL and go train at WWE’s Performance Center—and L>I’m figuring she’ll have to fight one or both of them two guys. For the championship title belt. So she faces her fears of fighting against them….they prove to her that even though she thinks they and other people are going to have to intentionally harm her they may also feel like they can’t always sugar-coat everything for her cause if they do she’s gonna end up some kinda saofite or soethim, LUike doyu know what I mean???They suck as champion but you know what somme fuckers watching WWE want. Feuds. Blood in matches. Unfair, unjust, wrongful. unkind, mean-spirited, bullying, intimidation directed at people who don’t deserve it….though maybe they have to go and behave mean ly and go trigger me because maybe they figure that if I want to prove I care about them I’ll get into WWE and fight and defeat whichever of them allows the other to win the TLC match or whatever.
        Them having to feud sucks but that’s how I figure it. Neither of em is always good or always bad. Right now, I am. Them having to feud sucks, is hurtful, wrong and objectionable and distressing! This week I dissociated several times and dissociated on Friday – 12/12/Thats life.

        • SJoi354182

          Friday-12/12/23’s dream I awoke fucking crying from :

          I watched as some racists and White Power Skinheads attacked a guy, butchering him with an axe. He screamed as they were hacking off his flesh and it was falling off his body….there was sooooooooooo much blood.They were yelling, “WHITE POWER!!!” Over and over, again and again and again. Pieces of that guys flesh fell onto the ground. The guy had physically DIED!!
          THEN, the racists told me, “You’re coming with us!”
          Then they grabbed my arms and dragged me along to a rally of some fuckin’ kind. They said it was a racist rally. They wanted me to meet their leader, Tom Metzger, I said, “NO! I DON’T WANT to join WAR-White Aryan Resistance and I’m not going to fight in Metzger’s
          RAHOA – means: Racial Holy War.
          They grabbed me by my arms and MADE ME go with them….they said,
          “Did you see what happened to that guy who was axed to death??!!
          If you don’t do what WE WANT….YOU’RE NEXT , SHARP BITCH!!!
          SHARP – Skin Head Against Racial Prejudice
          A kid was standing by a table with racist literature there and there was an anti-Osama Bin Laden flyer there and other WAR – White Aryan Resistance garbage and lies Tom Metzger fills the Skinheads’ minds with and misuses his powers of persuasion over them.
          Next thing I know…A racist and White Power Skinhead told me,

          “You saw that guy we axed to death! He’s DEAD!!! And, NOBODY…NOT YOU OR ANYONE ELSE is going to bring HIM back!! No fuckin’ WAY!!! HELL NO!!! That guy wasn’t a true Skinhead anyhow.

          Then they started cussing me out and using obscene language at me,

          “Dumbass BITCH!!”
          “STUPID WHORE!!!”
          “FUCKIN CUNT!!!”
          “DILDO RAG!!!

          Then some guys wearing hip hop clothes and like they listened to rap music came over and were talking more stupid garbage and shit, saying things to degrade and humiliate me, like,
          “Why don’t you tell or show us what color your pussy hairs are??”
          “Why don’t we just gang bang her?! She fuckin deserves it!!

          The threats and aggression were filling the room with tension and hate and, i felt flat-out scared and terrified…until, seemingly out of nowhere———HE showed up!!!

          He was 6 ft. 4 in tall and about 245 lbs. with an extremely chiseled physique….and he was handsome-looking…he had piercing blue eyes, was clean – shaven and had a peach fuzz crew cut with tattoos on the back of his neck, upper back, shoulders and full sleeve tattoos on his arms.

          He stared at them in a menacingly aggressive way with an intimidating look in his eyes and on his face, as he stood beside me. He asked them, “Any of you feeling lucky? Cause if you do, then…go on, physically or verbally hit her. But know this….iF you do that to her, you’re doing that to ME!!! And I’ll kick your fucking skulls off your shoulders if you keep fucking with us and if I don’t….for some or any reason…she’ll do that exact thing to you and I’d fight for her and she’d do the same for me..we’d fight for each other but should anyone turn us against each other it’s their own blood as well as ours.”

          Then I woke up.

          • Bruskque_62

            Sorry….What is it youre you saying?
            1st off…….NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! RKO- Randy Keith Orton IS NOT…..I repeat…HE IS NOT YOUR “personal bodyguard” and you ain’t his. YES, I know that sucks for you. BUT….the quicker and sooner you simply accept this fact of simple reality…..that Randy Orton’s mission in life AIN’T AND IT IS NOT to AGGRESSIVELY look out for, fight for, defend, protect, side with, love, adore, comfort, care for and about you, be some kind of Teddy Bear with you…. be your best friend, hero, husband, spouse AND make you happy 24-7, 365 days a year….and your mission in life isn’t to do that for him..
            Your mother would tell you that Randy Orton doesn’t want to, that he won’t and will not do that and he isn’t going to do that. What’s more, even other people would tell you the same thing! For chrissakes girl!
            You just keep secretly insisting, wishing, hoping and desiring that he just go back to looking and behaving like a badass and come across aggressively as and like he was in 2008-2009 and some of 2010…..GROW UP ALREADY!!!
            You’re nothin’ but a completely, totally, helpless, stupid idiotic, vulnerable, defenseless little girl that happens to just be inside of a woman’s body!!! DO YOU even KNOW that??!!
            What’re you gonna do??
            Somehow call or write or get in contact with Mr. Randall aka Randy Keith Orton and then just sic him after me or after anybody who messes with you??!
            You can’t.
            HA HA HA HA HA!!!
            There’s nothin you can or are gonna do about that!

            HA HA HA HA HA!!!

            • aggromeister

              Orton dressing up like Santa Claus on Raw sucks!
              Orton not fighting aggressively in matches sucks!
              Orton not shaving his beard sucks!
              Orton not being clean shaven and smooth faced sucks!
              Orton not kicking ass on brock lesnar if they feud sucks!
              Orton not kicking ass on john cena sucks!
              Orton not kicking ass on opponnents sucks!
              Orton not fighting aggressively on RAw and or SD sucks!
              Orton not doing promos like he’s sounding pissed off sucks!

          • Tom Metzger

            Boy are you full of shit!

          • JustAnotherWhiteGuy

            You have stupid dreams. I hope you die in a fire =^)

        • SJ

          Orton vs. Cena is only an advantage for McMahon and the guys in WWE in a way but it’s also a disadvantage for them in a way. I heard Triple H may be put over and he may interfere. I heard that whoever is allowed to win is going to have to put other people in WWE over which isn’t fair because if you’re a fan or aren’t one…you still lose in a way or so it seems, but then again maybe you win anyway.

          I have been praying that whatever they do or don’t do…I don’t get triggered or behave paranoid or anything and I won’t know until tomorrow what happens or how the match goes or what is decided.


          Because for those who like or don’t like John Cena or Randy Orton,,,,they don’t win and nobody’s winning if they have to go along with intentionally harming each other, or anyone else who is going to learn the results and them brutalizing each other or other people is despicable, immoral, wrong, unkind, unfair, unjust and horrendously
          screwed up and extremely hellaciously despicable and upsetting,rotten, upsetting, hurtful, saddening and fucked up!!!!!

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