Backstage News On Daniel Bryan’s Status: Will WWE Strip Him Of The Title?

Posted by Matt Boone May 13, 2014 11 Comments

As we exclusively reported at SESCOOPS.COM on Monday, Daniel Bryan will be undergoing surgery to repair a broken neck this coming Thursday.

Word coming out of RAW on Monday night is that Bryan will be out of action for six-to-eight weeks, with a potential return likely at Money In The Bank, or possibly SummerSlam, depending on how his recovery process goes.

With the six-to-eight week time frame, WWE is looking at keeping the title on Bryan. If the surgery and recovery process changes after he has the operation on Thursday, there is a possibility that WWE will strip him of the title.

It’s being said that at this point, plans are up in the air regarding Bryan and the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. We should know more regarding the situation after he has the neck operation on Thursday.

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    • WWEfan627

      WWE !!! Do not strip this man of the title !!! He has worked so hard to get to where he is at and doesn’t deserve to have it taken away from him !!!!

    • Joseph

      Shades of Dolph Ziggler….

    • Tazz

      If he returns at MITB….thats only a month a way. They can wait, its not too far away.

      Or if they do strip him of the belt and he does return MITB. Have him be a surprise entrant, win the briefcase and cash it in that njght…as if he never lost it

    • JMC

      Not a fan of taking the title away, but if they must, it’s time to put on Lesnar, & build up to a Bryan-Brock program for Summer Slam. Bryan is better as the underdog than the top dog, & if they book him to beat Brock, that’d be huge for him & his character….

      • Chris_Is_Awesome

        only reason to put the title on a parttimer is to get mainstream media coverage (i.e. rock before last years mania), i doubt lesnar is in for that…

      • Mr. X

        I couldn’t agree with that plan more. Plus it would take advantage of Lesnar ending the streak. Kind of building him up as an indestructible force that Bryan would have to overcome after neck surgery. Not saying that’s gonna happen but still. WWE worked around Austin’s bad neck for like a year. Hell as a kid I didn’t even know he had a bum neck. That’s how good they handled it.

    • George Flegel

      Well that sucks.

    • Derp

      It’s not like they defend the WWE title more than once a year anyway. So why strip him of it?

      • Will $teel

        huh? or at every pay per view? if thats a troll thats pathetic. Everyone knows Orton should be champion. he has his rematch clause, Bryan cant perform therefore Orton is champ. Logic right there

    • jack

      he is a talented wrestler i would hate to see him lose the belt. but i wish they would change his character… the “yes” chants are so fucking annoying now ! let him be a more serious wrestler and turn him heel

      • BrockFan4LIFE

        I agree, he looks so stupid jumping up and down and chanting YES YES YES…. he reminds me of Eugene in a way HAHAHAHA but really i admire his skills, i just wish they would use him better as a champion

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