Backstage News: Has HHH Really Taken Over For Vince?

Sean Waltman tweeted the following, clarifying his Triple H-Vince McMahon tweet from last night: “To clarify my tweet last night. Raw last night was real on a symbolic level.” Last night, Waltman wrote that the storyline on TV was “real.”

It should be noted that Vince McMahon is still the “head man in charge”. Triple H has NOT taken over the company. He will eventually take over for Vince but that hasn’t happened yet, reports the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Triple H is basically being ‘groomed’ to take over along with Stephanie McMahon.

We noted several months ago that HHH had been learning the “ins and outs” of the company at Titan Towers. He’s also taken more of a ‘management’ role at TV tapings.

Monday’s RAW saw Triple H take the reigns from Vince in storyline.