Backstage News On Why HHH Isn’t Signing Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards

Posted by Matt Boone January 2, 2014 16 Comments

According to reports, Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards will not be returning at the next set of WWE NXT television tapings, nor will they be offered a contract by WWE.

Apparently Triple H didn’t want to sign the two after their recent WWE tryout due to their size. The feeling within WWE right now is that the company has enough talent that isn’t very big, but can “go” in the ring. Because of this mindset, the company was looking for guys who fit a different description in the most recent tryout camp.

A lot of people reportedly went to bat for Richards and Edwards, saying that not only should WWE sign them, but should immediately push them to the main roster. Ultimately, WWE decided not to sign the two.

(Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

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    • Shawn123

      This is why wwe is turning into garbage. not bringing in great talent like these guys and miss use of talent. Because lord knows everybody wants to see orton vs cena not Daniel Bryan vs Cm Punk for wwe champship at wrestlemaina 30

      • Guest

        The only people who want Bryan vs CM Punk is the IWC plus unless WWE decides to throw Daniel Bryan a bone at Wrestlemania to hell with that match.

    • The Troll Hunter

      So, HHH wants to hire bigger, less talented people than actual wrestlers who have honed their craft to the point that people within the company are speaking up for them? This is why I only watch wwe for a handful of wrestlers. Because, the overall product is crap & it’s only going to get worse!

    • duh

      the iwc will shit on it but i get it. wwe doesnt want all their wrestlers to look the same. if everyone was small and could go that would be boring. WWE is a variety show so they have some smaller guys (bryan, punk, rollins, zayn) huge guys (kane, show, henry) chiseled guys (cena, orton) bizzare looking (wyatt) etc

    • Shockmaster

      How about employing top talent? This is a wrestling company apparently parading itself as an “entertainment” company isn’t it? Why don’t they just employ the best wrestlers and entertainers in this case? And whatever size they happen to be – they just happen to be.

      Picking who you sign based on their size seems so irrelevant, yes, if a wrestler happens to be big and a good wrestler or even just a good athlete, give them a shot, but to positively discriminate in favour wrestlers simply because they are big and negatively discriminate against wrestlers just because they are not big (even if they are just of average height), despite the fact they maybe incredibly talented in wrestling and entertainment factors really doesn’t make sense.

      The steroids might no longer be rife in the WWE, but the mindset behind the “PG” mask is clearly still very evident. “Wrestling” has become less prevalent and replaced with “entertainment”, but does Triple H just want to turn the whole thing into a body-building competition?

      • I know a lot

        You’re missing the point – companies / businesses hire to fill a void or create something new. `i agree that WWE has plenty of unused smaller guys that are good enough to “go”. What the business needs is more variety and the ability to sell PPVs and Merch – and honestly as much as die-hard fans IWC will always want go-go-go mile a minute matches from smaller guys, your average, mainstream fan with little attention span wants to see guys like Lesnar, Batista, Cena beating the crap out of each other in 5-8 ,in matches.

        • Sir KnowsAlot

          *5-8 minute

    • Undertaker316

      this might actually be a good thing for Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards wwe most likely would of miss used them and turned them into jobbers or never call them up to the main roster and eventually release them like they do with most indy wrestlers.

    • Louis Salera

      Richards and Edwards can wrestle. God knows WWE doesnt like that

      • SirKnowsAlot

        Making Money > Actual Wrestling.

      • Guest


        Most American wrestling fans care less about the actual wrestling aspect of the sport if someone isn’t getting dropkicked or powerbombed or cut open they’re not going to care.

        So WWE is going to book accordingly.

    • sdgsdg

      they have enough small sized guys that can wrestle? they for sure got too much jacked guys that can’t wrestle…

    • Kris Godwin

      Richards teased that the Wolves were still heading to Orlando…

      It couldn’t possibly be that OTHER company, could it?

    • Creeper 36

      I think that the rock should come back and take on the dead man

    • P.P. Johnny

      P.P. Johnny wonders if HHH has size inadequacy problems? Maybe we’ll have to ask Stephanie?

    • Nicholas Williams

      So you would sign a big guy with hopes that he could learn to wrestle rather then signing two of the hottest free agents right now because they are small. #NotGoodForBusiness

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