Kurt Angle Done With TNA?

Posted by Matt Boone May 15, 2014 7 Comments

As previously reported, there has been a lot of speculation that we’ve seen the last of Kurt Angle in TNA, as his contract is set to expire before he’s physically able to return from knee surgery.

Additionally, TNA is not advertising Angle for their tour of the U.K., which takes place in January of 2015.

According to one report, there are said to be several people within the company that feel that Angle is 100-percent gone from TNA when his deal is up.

(Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

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    • Rockman Rex

      He most likely will go back to WWE. TNA cant even keep their lower tier guys n girls. Angle, Hardy, and Bully Ray are the only few current high salaried guys left. And when they are offered new deal, it will be much lower than what they are paid right now. So l expect Angle to leave for sure.

    • Tazz

      Tna is a sinking ship, only 33 people under contract, their world champion is only champion because tna loves to copy wwe

      If Angle is smart he should return to wwe and actually have meaning feuds

    • Matt Rayfield

      Heck If I were Kurt I would go to WWE or Global Force Wrestling. That or shock people and go to Ring of Honor who has become more interesting to me then TNA as of late for some reason. Because TNA use to be special, They use to be different from WWE, and most importantly, they use to try new things and not just bring in new guys and gals for nothing. Also the guy who done or still does The Biggest Loser is helping Jeff with GFW so something interesting is bound to happen.

      • Nicholas Williams

        Ummm I dont think Kurt Angle wants to work for his Ex-wife

        • Matt Rayfield

          I never said he wanted to lol. I said if he does not return to TNA that he would go to WWE or GFW. The choice is his of course lol.

    • dylan

      I sure hope Kurt goes back to WWE. I would love to see kurt back in the big spotlight again. and if he is near or thinking about hanging it uip soon, i would like to see him make one more big run in WWE.

    • George Flegel

      It would be nice to see Kurt go back to WWE for on last run before he retires and is inducted into the WWE HOF. Angle had an awesome tenure in TNA and he’s done all he can do there. One last hurrah in the WWE would be a great way to close out an amazing career.

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