Backstage News On Low Morale In TNA: Heat On Dixie Carter & Creative

Posted by Brad Davis April 23, 2014 9 Comments

There is a lot of concern backstage in TNA about how the company is being run and whether they will be able to secure a new television deal with Spike TV, a factor widely viewed as essential to their survival. A recent visit by Janice Carter and an attorney from Panda Energy to TNA headquarters in Nashville caught everybody surprise, adding more fuel to the speculation that the circumstances are growing dire. Here’s an overview of the current issues:

– TNA’s current television contract with Spike TV expires in October and there have been no indications that a new deal will be made. The last time TNA had a TV deal with Spike expiring in October, the company had already re-signed by this time (late April). TNA is running 3 expensive shows in New York City’s Manhattan Center as a way to impressive Spike TV officials with the rabid New York Crowd, but many are questioning whether this is a good use of their limited resources.

– TNA President Dixie Carter is getting a lot of heat about the overall direction of the company. During a recent meeting in Nashville, TNA’s lack of presence in New Orleans during WrestleMania XXX weekend was a major topic she had to defend.

– Talent is upset with TNA’s creative team, with the general feeling being that there has been a breakdown in communication. Additionally, a lot of people feel that “Big” John Gaburick is in way over his head and does not have sufficient experience to be handling creative.

– As for Eric Young’s title win, very few people knew about the decision in advance. TNA denies that it was a rip off of Daniel Bryan winning the WWE World Heavyweight championship and that they simply wanted to surprise fans on the last live episode of Impact before taping several weeks of programming.

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    • Adhucha

      Coming up next on the WWE Network: The Rise and Fall of TNA.

      • Lee Macko

        In order for something to fall it must rise, and TNA has never really risen. In my opinion WCW at it’s worst was better than TNA at it’s best.

        • Byakuya Kuchiki

          So then what? “TNA: The ship that never sailed.”

          • big daddy cool

            Nooooo…tna during 04 – 06 was great. It just wasn’t as popular as now. I think if it was like the old tna, it’d be competition with wwe

    • Bray Wyatt

      i dont even remember the last time i watched that crap

    • Dan Pedreyra

      There was a rise?

      • ThePervertedTroll

        In my pants ;)

    • Guest

      As a way to “impressive”

      Do you even spellcheck bro?

    • Will Olson

      Tna cannot get out of its own way. Wwe shits out crap that tna only hopes to aspire to. Tna nees more guys on the roster, better stories, to fill the impact zone. However, they cannot afford to keep guys they have. Possibly, wwe will do to tna what they did to ecw, kick them off their own network, lol

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