Backstage News On Maryse’s Release & Original Storyline Plans

Former WWE diva Maryse was released from the company on October 28th, a move that was a surprise to many industry observers.

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As to whether the decision was hers or WWE, a WWE source indicates that it was mutual. Maryse was already looking beyond WWE at getting back into modeling and possibly even posing for Playboy, but it was WWE that made the call to release her. Because the company did not see any issues with her going to TNA (like Gail Kim), they did not have as much of an issue letting her go.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that prior to her getting injured (and undergoing surgery to correct an abdominal hernia), there were plans to start an angle where Hornswoggle had the hots for her.

She was medically cleared to return several weeks ago and she was telling people that she was about to be brought back to television.

She is still dating Miz and currently resides in Southern California.